1. I think you should look at the websites for Keep Our NHS Public and the NHS Support Federation (and speak to them too, especially Paul Evans at the Support Fed) as they are both doing a lot of work which would duplicate yours I think. No point in duplicating time and energy!

    1. I’m in touch with them to see if they’re interested to work together. But I don’t think a resource dedicated specifically to this form of action to defend the NHS is a duplication. Lots of people fighting on a wider front, but I haven’t seen others addressing this specifically.

  2. Did I hear right on the Today programme on Radio 4 that a third of GPs on CCGs have conflicts of interest (ie own/have shares or interest in local community providers). No wonder they are out of synch with the majority of GPs who are getting on with the job and want/need local secondary care/connections/relationships to refer to (ie the CCGs aren’t too vocal in preserving local hospitals in some cases ….er ….ahem …..).

    1. It may be the case. Virgin etc were forced to withdraw shares from CCG GPs they’d made shareholders because of conflict of interest, so may also apply to locals.

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