Another interesting article on the abuse of statistics in the Mid Staffs case, with some very pertinent points made by a GP.

Protect North Somerset NHS

There has been a fascinating discussion on a blog – the manipulation of statistics in the Mid Staffs story and whether or not there have been between 400 and 1,200 additional and unnecessary deaths.  The argument has been going on for some time with those agreeing with the figures tending to quote from Daily Mail or other sources for their legitimisation.  I sent the blog to a local GP of my acquaintance and he said this:

  • The central thesis that the Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratios are a relative guide only, cannot demonstrate real numbers and are highly vulnerable to a whole series of biases is very convincing and has been echoed in recent BMJ editorials
  • I am quite certain that the 400 – 1200 deaths are political not real numbers and are part of policy to discredit the NHS – a campaign being led by the government, the BBC…

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  1. How do we access the original blog rather than the North Somerset re-blog now? I’m distributing the blog reference round but don’t want to disappoint.


  2. The full article you originally wrote (Mid Staffs – the real figures?) about the mortality figures and the zillions of responses. Imagine you had the e-reference. It brings you here. If you click on any sub links they take you to North Somerset and then back here again. Surely the original link given out (and which we’re disseminating) should take you to the full blog you originally wrote, not this tiny version of it. Since this is a critical blog with regard to media manipulation in order to close hospitals it would be a pity if nobody could access it directly or indirectly. One of the responses on North Somerset suggests that they couldn’t find it either. Thanks.


  3. IE when I go to the top left of this page and click on a blog/responses title that’s what I get EXCEPT for the Mid Staffs real figures one which keeps bringing me back here. Agreed the complete reference pasted as above takes you there but anyone accessing this site more generally won’t get there unless they read down to your comment above and use the reference from there. Is there a gremlin?


  4. Has this gremlin anything to do with the reference in the North Somerset reblog (above) having the reference to the original blog including /about whereas the original stops at / ?


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