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Pro-Israel hardliner’s Corbyn smear gets ‘Twitter wedgie’ fact-check correction quoting Skwawkbox

Joseph Cohen, seen at demos with hard-right figures, laughably claims Corbyn ‘violently grabbed’ him as he got in Corbyn’s face – Twitter warns viewers of Cohen’s ‘bias’ and ‘agenda’

Hard-line pro-Israel activist Joseph Cohen has had a Twitter advisory attached to his attempt – under the ‘Israel Advocacy’ group he founded and runs – to smear Jeremy Corbyn as ‘violently grabb[ing]’ him when he got in Corbyn’s face during a march of solidarity with Palestinians, thanks to a Skwawkbox intervention.

Cohen had published a video in which he claimed Corbyn ‘violently grabbed my wrist’ – but had to admit that the video ‘unfortunately missed’ the ‘violent’ moment, even though the video shows Corbyn was gentle throughout as he tried to get his accoster to back off.

Skwawkbox responded to Cohen’s tweet with a digest of Cohen’s associations with far-right groups and figures:

And the relevant section of Cohen’s own video makes a mockery of his claim that Corbyn was ‘violent’, as it shows he was nothing of the sort:

And Twitter duly used the information to tag Cohen’s tweet with an advisory – often known colloquially as a ‘Twitter wedgie’ – about his ‘bias’ and ‘agenda’, his ‘aggressive’ behaviour toward Corbyn and the lack of evidence in his own video for his claim:

Left activist ‘The Agitator’s response to Cohen’s claim was probably the pick of the merriment:

Skwawkbox wonders whether Jeremy Corbyn needs to declare all the rent-free accommodation in right-wing heads in his register of MPs’ interests…

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