Skwawkbox continues to reject advertising requests. If you’d like to support it, here’s how

Site depends entirely on the support of its readers

Skwawkbox has always rejected the many advertising requests it receives from marketing and ad companies, intentionally keeping the information on this site as clear and easy to read as possible and ensuring that its availability is never dependent on any corporate whim or vulnerable to the attacks of the right.

The need for news, exclusives and analysis from a left perspective is too great to let it be cluttered with ads for any kind of product or company. Below are a few of the numerous requests received and rejected recently:

That stance, of course, means that Skwawkbox relies completely on the support of readers and well-wishers in order to continue doing what it does, even in the toughest and bleakest of times.

If you would like to support the site and can do so without hardship, please consider the two options below:

  • if you use PayPal and would like to make a one-off or monthly donation, please click here
  • if you prefer not to use PayPal and would like to make a monthly donation covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee, please use the GoCardless option here – if you use this option, Skwawkbox will contact you to confirm the donation amount as the GoCardless registration form doesn’t include a specific amount

Thank you for your support and solidarity, it’s more vital than ever!

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