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Exclusive: ‘Supertanskiii’ claims ‘Jew face’ posts not hers – because she couldn’t find them in FB search

Latest denial from ‘centrist’ who posed as Hitler raises more questions

Centrist Tan Smith – known as ‘Supertanskiii’ and an avid promulgator of the antisemitism smear against the left – has hit turbulent waters in recent days after the revelation that she posted images of herself in a Hitler pose next to a man wearing a t-shirt saying ‘I love Hitler’. She first claimed the images were ‘doctored’, then that they had been ‘stolen’ from her private social media, but the source of the images has posted a video showing them in an open social media gallery. She then apologised for them.

She appears also to have attempted to doctor the original posts and move them to a private folder in order to try to discredit them, but subsequently apologised for posting the images:

And now she has again been linked with antisemitic posts, after images began to circulate of what appear to be her posts describing a Jewish person as having a ‘jewish face’ and ‘jew curls’, as well as describing someone as ‘attic-y’ in an apparent reference to Anne Frank, the young Jewish woman murdered by the nazis whose diary made her famous:

Skwawkbox contacted Ms Smith for comment, informing her that these comments would be featured and that they would be linked to the Hitler photos and to other comments linking Jews to the 9/11 terrorist attack.

She responded claiming that the ‘jew curls’ posts were not authentic – because she had searched for them on Google and been unable to find them – and making a threat of legal action, while also claiming to be neurodiverse and a PTSD sufferer to whom the ‘defamation and smear are catastrophic’:

There are countless, doctored, unverified images being shared on Twitter in addition to the photos. I have searched Facebook (which I’ve been advised to deactivate) from a decade ago and I cannot find the words used the “screenshots” I’ve seen on Twitter.

The mud moustache photos were not glorification or praise of Hitler, the context was to mock. A poor attempt at a dark joke which I regret, kept in a friends only album on my private Facebook account from 15 years ago.  The images, obtained by nefarious means, were shared by people that have targeted me on Twitter for two years with misogynistic and ableist comments and released after I offered a mild criticism of Jeremy Corbyn. I am an active anti racist and vehemently oppose antisemitism. All of my video content and everything I put out on Twitter, consistently opposes the Conservatives, fascism, racism and authoritarianism.

As a neurodiverse woman with PTSD, the mental health implications of defamation and the smear are catastrophic. I am seeking legal advice and have contacted the police. I believe you are engaging in spreading libel and that this information has been obtained via nefarious means and/ or constructed to defame and that could constitute malicious communications. If you print this as fact despite my certainty it is not authentic ( I cannot authenticate it) and any photos of me and my friends obtained via doxxing, which is now a police matter, I will sue. 

She did not comment directly on the 9/11 issue.

However, the response raises questions: how much ‘certainty’ can she have if she had to conduct a Facebook search to check whether she had ever said them? Would someone reasonably be expected to remember posting comments about ‘jew curls’ etc without needing to search? And if not, then how many problematic comments must one have made to need to check specific wording? And can denials be relied on if previous denials have subsequently been either debunked by others or revoked and apologised for by Ms Smith?

Whatever the truth of the matter, the original finder has insisted that the posts are genuine. While some so-called centrists have continued to defend Ms Smith despite the latest allegations, other social media users have made their views clear:

Chloe Eva tells Tan Smith of the harm she has experienced because of supporting Jeremy Corbyn during the antisemitism smear campaign

Some so-called ‘moderates’ have defended even the ‘jew curls’ series, but it is surely self-evident that if a left-winger had been associated with such comments, the same people would have demanded the maximum sanctions no matter how long ago the comments were made. As one left activist put it to Skwawkbox yesterday, we are living in an #epidemic of moral fraudulence’.

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