Skwawkbox in London to broadcast pro-Assange event. If you’d like to help, here’s how

Skwawkbox will be in London later this month to livestream ‘#FreeTheTruth: Secret Power, Media Freedom and Democracy‘, an event in support of wrongly-jailed Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, featuring leading international journalists.

The livestream will run on Skwawkbox and Socialist Telly and will be embedded in the organisers’ pages and feeds. Streaming links will be published closer to the date.

If you would like to help and are able to do so without hardship, please see the options below:

Please click here to arrange a one-off or monthly donation via PayPal; or
Click here to set up a monthly donation via GoCardless (SKWAWKBOX will contact you to confirm the GoCardless amount)

Those who wish to wish to attend the event in person should reserve a place here as soon as possible. Thank you for your support.


  1. You can wager HM’s official opposition won’t allow anyone to attend, or for that matter, express an opinion, the Labour party doesn’t allow freedom of opibnion under Starmer. Autghoritarian right-wing reactionary Sir Keir Starmer played a central role in Assange’s ongoing plight and persecution remember.

    You can’t get a cigarette paper between Labour’s positions on defence and Nat Security matters and those of the Tories.

    Labour, if anything, have positioned themselves to the hawkish right of govt; trying to push the govt to do more – send more arms to Ukraine, fuelling the death and destruction on both sides; urge ever more be spent on defence. As if a nuclear confrontation – which a NATO vs Russia conflict would be – can be somehow won. All while the NHS crumbles and the costs of living bite.

    The UK is a de facto one-party state at the moment.

  2. Labour have no opinion beyond blindly following the Tories, who are, in-turn, blindly following Washington.

    The guardian finally has an article up today, with someone posing questions about what it is we’re trying to achieve there.

    Ukraine forcing Russia into a retreat or unconditional surrender seems highly improbable. Labour not seeking answers as to our objectives, nearly a year into this war and with the UK committing an est. £10bn spending so far, is nothing less than an abdication of an opposition’s responsibilities

    We don’t even know how many UK special forces are involved on the ground. Not sensitive info like ‘deployment locations,’ just raw numbers. Previous Labour oppositions have always sought such answers in parliament, Ed Miliband did over Syria, and prior to Nato’s destruction of Libya.

  3. ITs a very important year for the labour party,just a reminder to get your covid booster especially Steve H .and any other confused members of the labour party…? Remember Assange wouldnt be locked away without the efforts of the leader of the labour party .!

    1. I didn’t care much for Ed Miliband – too timid, too centrist.

      But it’s worth remembering Ed Miliband argued against and whipped his MPs against military action in both Libya and Syria.

      Unthinkable under the right-wing hawkish Starmer and his Tory opposite backslapping, shadow Defence minister, John Healey.

      Ed Miliband has been proven correct, as the only real winners from bombing Libya to rubble have been the people smuggling gangs who operate freely in the Med.

      Just when did Labour become pro-war again?

  4. And just one more:

    Washington Post blasted for reporting Russian trolls had ‘little influence’ on 2016 election: ‘6 years later’

    “You don’t say. Russiagate was – and is – one of the most deranged and unhinged conspiracy theories in modern times. It wasn’t spread by QAnon or 4Chan users but the vast majority of media corporations, ‘scholars,’ think tank frauds, and NYT/NBC’s ‘disinformation units.’” Glenn Greenwald

    1. Allan Howard

      Yep, shameful lack of reporting on the ‘Twitter files’ from the MSM.

      That whole 2016 onwards ‘Russiagate’ nonsense shaped perceptions about Assange too, as the same people spreading that BS, falsely linked WikiLeaks and Assange to it.

      It appears to have started as little more than a ‘hunch’ Hillary Clinton had, as to why she’d lost, then escalated into a full-blown conspiracy theory pushed as if fact.

      Like Labour’s antisemitism crisis it existed more in public perception than in reality. The mainstream media knew reality doesn’t matter if you control public perception. The BBC & Sky behaved utterly outrageously.

      1. Two Cheeks
        Prevarication is a Red Tory thing
        Comes under “we stand for fuck all’ and ‘trust us we won’t frighten the dogs

      2. I’ve seen clips.

        Basically the usual 3 on 1 pile-on against Corbyn that our mainstream media consider fair debate. Robert Peston, Jo Coburn; Emily Matlis, Nick Robinson, Laura Kuenssberg are all Jewish, so of course they are suitably outraged at the antisemitism claims within Labour, under Corbyn. Whether they actually believed them, idk? It was almost impossible to get a fair hearing then and now.

        He’d have been better saying you should be apologizing to me, and all those in the party you smeared, to accuser, Liz Kendall. For everyone knows antisemitism issue was indeed weaponized and grossly exaggerated, precisely because racism claims are difficult claims to refute without sounding either dismissive, callous or inconsiderate of people’s feelings.

        It’s was a sick move by Labour’s RW to use antisemitism in an attempt to remove someone whose left-wing politics they disagree with. They knew they couldn’t win the political argument so they chose smears.

    1. steve101704 – I don’t work for anyone, I’m retired and in the fortunate position where I don’t need to.

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