Sign/share this online ‘Get well soon card’ to send support to Labour’s Jennie Formby

Online e-form ‘card’ launched by popular request

Labour general secretary Jennie Formby this morning published news that she is being treated for breast cancer. Typically, she made the NHS and the country’s need for a Labour government the primary focus of her announcement.

Jennie Formby with Jeremy Corbyn before she took up the ‘GenSec’ role

Ms Formby has been the target of shameless attacks by the media and a small subset of right-wing Labour MPs, but has transformed Labour’s processes and transparency since she accepted the post for the good of the movement last year. In spite of the attacks, she kept the news of her illness quiet as long as possible rather than look for sympathy or use it to shame her attackers and has not reduced her workload beyond the absolute minimum necessary.

The online e-‘card’

Since publishing news of her announcement, the SKWAWKBOX has received numerous requests to make available a way for well-wishers to pass on their thanks and support. The SKWAWKBOX has therefore created a short online ‘card’ for that purpose here.

Please sign and share to let Ms Formby know the solidarity she enjoys from Labour members and supporters.


  1. I am so very sorry to hear about Jennie’s illness and have signed the on line card.
    Jennie is a strong woman,dedicated to the party but I urge her to make herself, her family and getting well her priority now. She has had a lot to put up with from the usual suspects and although she is more than capable of dealing with them she doesn’t need the stress at this time.
    I look forward to Jennie making a full recovery and being back at the helm in due course. God Bless Jennie Get well soon.

  2. Certain PLP MP’s are actually Toxic and should be confronted asap! Hodge, Streeting, Watson and others are a total disgrace!

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