Homeless mother story – deleted

This article has been deleted, as SomersetLive has advised that they fell for a hoax. The tragedy is that there are tragic deaths and suffering every day under this government and the hoax damages those who genuinely suffer.

A young woman, who has been named only as ‘Kelly’, has died shortly after giving birth to her baby son, Gabriel, in the Somerset market town of Highbridge, SomersetLive has reported.

Remainder deleted.



  1. What has it come to?

    Well, for starters, she probably wasn’t the daughter of a (prominent) tory, so the tories won’t give a hoot.

    Then there’s the rest of the nation outside the area that probly won’t get to hear of it, so out of sight = out of mind.

    The baby could well end up being adopted by those what voted for this kind of treatment to those less well off. Certainly rees-mogg’s from around that way and we KNOW he doesn’t give a flying f**k. given his voting record.

    They ought to be dragged around by the scruffs of their necks and forced to witness the misery they’ve imposed on people.

    Pricks like golding….where’s he gonna be when the class war kicks off? He’ll be sat in a corner sh*ttin’ hisself rather than with all his right-wing cannons (sic) out to protect the right wingers like rees mogg.


  2. I am deeply, deeply ashamed that this entirely avoidable tragedy has happened in my country.

    In respect of Kelly’s memory I make this promise:

    I will not rest until this Tory killing machine is kicked out of office and we have in its stead a government that will abolish homelessness and will provide Kelly’s son, Gabrielle, with the education, housing and health services that will allow him to fulfil his potential and become a person and citizen his mother would be proud of.

    Internal Affairs

  3. they got blood on their hands. This whole situation is so wrong in so many ways. We cannot let this continue! Not in our name! It’s time the tories are ousted!
    The poor baby, growing up without te love of his mum, we have all failed that little boy and his mother.

  4. How sad poor young girl this should not happen in this day and age another statistic where as the government don’t give a hoot l hope Gabrielle gets a good home where he will have a good life bless him

  5. Shed a little tear at this.
    The Tory Neo-Liberals’ inhumanity to human kind.
    R.I.P. Kelly; many of us are trying to build a civilised society and World.

  6. When this new born baby Gabrielle grows up, I hope she is told the “TRUTH” about her Mother.
    That being, the awful way her Mother was treated by those in power! We, abhor those, who brought her MOTHER to her demise, after SLEEPING RUFF on an ASDA CAR PARK!
    I wish Gabrielle nothing but the very best in her life.
    RIP to her Mother Kelly.
    Another statistic in this uncaring TORY GOVERNMENT IN THIS 21st Century, in the year 2018!
    How many more have to “DIE”, before they sit up and recognise their policies are KILLING US, THE OLD, THE LOW PAID, OUT OF WORK, DISABLED, HOMELESS, WEAK AND NEEDY?
    My opinion is “NEVER”!

  7. I deleted the post. Massive scandal opened this AM. Apparently a made up story ( baby is real mum is real ) police involved SS also. We don’t know anymore info 😞

    1. Thanks for the confirmation. But why was it still online as late as 9pm or so this evening?

  8. The saddest thing is, in Tory Britain 2018 this story was entirely possible!

  9. The fundamental facts remain the same and they are this – 120,000 people have died avoidable deaths as a direct result of the Tory killing machine’s austerity programme.

    By 2020 that number will reach 200,000.

    The Tory party’s policies are killing our mothers, our fathers, our brothers and sisters and our children.

    If you vote for the Tory party then your cross on the ballot paper is signed in blood.

    That is the truth of the matter.

  10. I stand by what I said; fake news or otherwise, it’ll probably happen soon anyway.

    As for the gobshites like britain first ‘protecting’ right wingers. Well, how very patriotic – allowing the same rats to kill their poorest neighbours…

  11. It is believable because we know they sanction pregnant women leaving them unable to buy food or pay rent. But fake news? That’s just plain odd. We have enough of the real stuff.

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