SKWAWKBOX upgrade appeal

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To solve some technical problems and to improve the functionality, readability and interactivity of our site we’ve made certain changes to our platform. To do that and to ensure that all old shares and links to articles continue to work, we’ve had to upgrade to the highest-level plan on our hosting provider.

As with most upgrades, this comes at a cost. As the changes were urgent, we’ve gone ahead with the changes for the sake of our readership and reach. You may already have noticed some improvements.

However, as we don’t charge or carry advertising to make the site as accessible as possible, we’re trusting our readers will help us to cover the extra costs.

If you’d like to chip in and can afford to do so without hardship, please click here to make a contribution via PayPal. If you can’t, please share the article anyway.

Thanks for your support!


  1. Send you a tenner in the morning .keep going you are needed and thank you.Happy Xmas to you and family

  2. Would love to contribute but we’re those ‘benefit scroungers’ you keep hearing about. (I’m retired and my wife is wheelchair bound having lost a leg) I’ll continue to share your posts as widely as possible and hope someone better off will donate. Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi,

      I am making a donation this morning.

      I hope you won’t be offended if in addition to my own donation I also donate £20 on behalf of you and your wife.

      Internal Affairs

  3. I hope that I’ve set up a monthly standing order but It’s difficult to confirm when I live in a village and have to drive into town to access my bank. The security settings for online banking are mind-boggling stringent, particularly for an old dinosaur.
    My November statement has arrived but there’s no sign of a standing order for that month. I will go into town on Tuesday because on Monday, I’m visiting my older brother who is dying from cancer of the spine.

  4. I could only afford a small donation, and wish I could do more, as your kind of reporting is desperately needed in the here and now!
    There are so few genuine reporters of the real news nowadays, so well done, you, for doing such a brilliant job of it 🙂

  5. SKWAWKBOX is invaluable for getting insider Labour information, it is most definitely worth a regular contribution.

    I would much prefer to use DISQUS commenting than that used at present. However it may not be possible on the present platform.

    1. Don’t know much about Disqus but haven’t seen it as a WordPress option

  6. PayPal makes a large charge. Please make it possible to donate using debit card. This way all money donated will go to you. I hate paying banks if I can help it and PayPal is, probably, at least as bad.

      1. Thanks but it was the charges PP make and take out of the donation that I want to avoid . I prefer to have all of my donation going to SB and not some of it going to a Bankers bonus .

  7. I’ll send you 10 squids mate your work must continue, very accurate reporting, simply the best s, thanks

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