Exclusive: Welsh govt eyewitness on Carl Sargeant abuse

Welsh Assembly Member (AM) Carl Sargeant is said to have taken his own life after being suspended over allegations of inappropriate behaviour. The allegations – which his legal team was still asking for information on when he died – are understood to have involved claims that Mr Sargeant had already addressed some time ago with Welsh First Minister and Labour leader Carwyn Jones.

Labour’s HQ is ignored (later picked up by WalesOnline here) its own procedures in the way the suspension was handled – and Carwyn Jones is under investigation for his behaviour. However, the scope of the investigation has been questioned and a Tory AM this week made a personal statement to the Assembly that Sargeant had told him about being bullied – a claim corroborated by former Labour AM Leighton Andrews in a press release:

Back in 2014 the First Minister was made aware by three Cabinet Ministers including Carl Sargeant of the issues raised this week by Darren Millar. Indeed Carl Sargeant explicitly raised these issues with the First Minister on the evening of 14 October 2014.

A fourth Cabinet Minister had previously raised these issues with him. The First Minister’s style was always to try to handle these things informally, and to discourage us from putting anything in writing.

Andrews also released a text that had been sent to him by Welsh government advisor Matt Greenough that confirmed he had told Jones that he needed to speak to Sargeant and that a meeting between Jones and Sargeant was taking place:


This information is already in the public domain. However, the SKWAWKBOX can exclusively reveal additional information from a Welsh government source about the nature of some of the treatment of Carl Sargeant in the Labour office.

The source, who does not wish to be named, used to work at Tŷ Hywel – the ‘Assembly Office’ of the Welsh government – and described what Sargeant faced:

ty hywel

While these facts may not have contributed directly to Carl Sargeant’s death, they are crucial background to the way in which the allegations against him were revived and handled – and to the pressure that he was under.

The bleak truth appears to be that Carl Sargeant was routinely micro-managed, belittled and his achievements dismissed – and then suspended without even being told the nature of the allegations against him.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Carwyn Jones some time ago for comment on the party’s behaviour toward Sargeant and his suspension. He did not respond.

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  1. Sounds like exactly the same treatment older, expensive, teachers have been receiving over the last seven or eight years to bully them into retiring.

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  2. Usual disgraceful stuff. Could be a tenant being eased out of their home by a greedy landlord, come to that. Welcome to tory Britain where bullies rule.

  3. Rhodri despite Blair made the Wales Assembly successful despite all the Blair attempts to undermine him The cracach the people who consider the Wales Labour Party as their fiefdom put Carwyn in place We saw the result at the General Election where the present leader was not mentioned Carwyn must go now there is ample evidence under LP rules to expel him.I have been examining my archives consistent plotting to the detrement of the Party

  4. Just watched Carwyn on Sunday TV rebuffing all attempts to discuss any of these matters. I regularly challenge members of the Labour party, my neighbours and friends to name one other AM other than Carwyn. No one can. This is also part of the bullying in the WLG – no one is allowed to share CJ’s limelight no matter what they do or how well. The bullying goes all the way to the grass roots in some constituencies, although some have managed to break free of control locally, but only to run into the Regional bullies.

    TBH many Labour voters I meet when out street canvassing are fed up with CJ and want a change but they want to continue to vote Labour. They also want to be part of the UK Labour movement resurgence not a break-away CJ fan club that appears to be being planned by WL insiders.

  5. Could I be wrong thinking, Carl Sargeant lent a little to far “LEFT”?
    Or was he PUSHED and BULLIED to far?
    By his fellow Labour Colleague/s?
    That he found life to intolerable to carry on?
    Whatever the truth is, the BULLY/S will deny it had anything to do with them!
    Come on, Carwyn Jones, answer the “QUESTION”!
    What about the parties behaviour towards Carl Sargeant and his suspension?
    We need truthful answers not lies!

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