Labour First complain about ‘factionalism’ – while teaching it. LOTO may attend

Labour First (LF) complains often about ‘factionalism’. It’s a feature of some of the newsletters it sends to the denizens of whatever under-realm likes its thinking – and of course those hardy souls who can stomach it and want to keep informed.

It’s also something LF’s secretary has objected to on social media, claiming to find it ‘very distress[ing]:

ake 1

It was also a topic in an article by Mr Akehurst, a link to which was sent around in one of those email updates. He informed his readers that LF will ‘call out’ (something that seems to be popular with Labour’s right-wing groups) factionalism:

ake 2

So it ought to be more surprising than it perhaps is that he has been inviting MPs to sessions specifically designed to train what might be called ‘fix[es] for factional reasons’. The message below was sent out by LF to various MPs inviting them to a special session in which a Lewisham CLP officer will teach them how he fought off the Momentum ‘Trotskyists’:

l1st training.png

Presumably in this case ‘call out’ means ‘promote’ – but calling his faction the ‘mainstream members’ doesn’t change the factional fact of the matter.

If it walks like a duck, etc.

We contacted Luke Akehurst for comment. He responded:

It’s a shame that Momentum have turned local CLPs and council selections into a factional battleground. But that is sadly now the reality of the internal life of the Labour Party and we are proud to be training, mobilising and organising mainstream Labour people so that they can democratically defend themselves against the sectarian antics of the Hard Left.

For what it’s worth, the SKWAWKBOX welcomes members engaging and organising democratically within the party to see their views have an impact on the party’s policies and direction.

That’s how democracy works.

We just think everyone should be honest about it, rather than framing it in condemnatory language like ‘sectarian antics’ when it’s done by people you don’t agree with, but calling it ‘training, mobilising and organising’ when you do it yourself.

Rumours are circulating that the Labour leader’s office may be sending one or more representatives to attend – purely for learning purposes and not to make the ‘anti-faction faction’ uncomfortable or anything – but could not yet be substantiated.

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  1. Yet again, Luke Akehurst and Richard Angell, and their minority organisations Labour First and Progress Organisation, sow destructive sectarian division within the Labour Party by lodging false complaints and making false accusations against members of the Labour Party.

    By doing so they damage the reputation of the party and damage the party’s electability and polling numbers.

    Their self serving and ill disciplined behaviour sabotages the objectives and undermines the very ethos of the Labour Party.

    It is quite clear that, just like the corporate democrats, the right wing of the Labour Party is actively attempting to lose Labour elections in order to prevent the right wing from losing control of the party.

  2. And when asked how it is he is able to book rooms in parliament he said it was not him booking it but John Spellar M.P. WOW – and what is very telling is that he says the invite is from HIM (Akehurst) and the last para asks for donations to Labour First.

    Would be interesting to get a quote from Spellar on him promoting Labour First and using parliamentary offices to tout for funds.

    I`m thinking that we should get Chris Williamson to book a room to discuss how to deal with Labour First looking to derail the democratisation of the party, and then send out invites asking for donations to Momentum!

    The difference however is that Momentum`s value is not in ££££ but in the energy from people vitalised by Corbyn and the hope he gives for a new politics.

  3. I had hoped that Corbyn led party would actually put an end to the totalitarian factionalism within Labour…. Your are either Progress or ignored but all that has happened is even more factionalism. It’s like we have to be of some hive mind and can’t be trusted to think and organise ourselves.
    I’ve had enough of the lot of it it’s pathetic when people are literally dying in the bloody streets and this is the focus of labour…. Which group gets power. I’d prefer neither you are either Labour or you are not, voters don’t give one fig if its for momentum/Progress what they want is food on the table, a roof over their heads, decent education for their kids, to stop being murdered and dehumanising deaf and disabled people and it goes on.
    But then what would I know I’m only a working class disabled lesbian living on a large council Estate in an accessible 2 bed council house subject to £20 pw bedroom tax under constant threat of the DWP curing me…

  4. I was under the impression ‘mainstream Labour people’ were now those behind Corbyn, the current policies and democratisation of the Labour party.

    The old ‘New Labour’ and neoliberal/neocon diehard thinking and top down autocratic rule ideology is well past its sell by date.

  5. Sectarianism? I thought ‘sectarian’*was pertinent to religion, not politics.Which is an odd choice of words, for me at least since I am an atheist. More right whinger newspeak I guess.
    * See Cambridge Dictionary.

  6. Give it up Luke Akehurst. When your ever shrinking Blairite group is out numbered and outflanked by the truth, it’s time to stop!

  7. One set of rules and associated vocabulary for the Labour Right and another for the Left. The mainstream media prefer the first.

  8. Luke Akehurst, is like a cold you can’t get rid of!
    If he thinks, we on the left, are going back to the days of the tried and tested right of our Labour Party, he really is, an idiot!
    Because of his stance and those like him, they are the reason we have lost 3 GE, on the trot!
    Wake up, smell the coffee and get with it!
    BLAIRITES, are the past and should stay there!

    As for the rhetoric of the MSM and those on the right, MOMENTUM is the organisation that has built up the LABOUR PARTY and its voters, least you, Akehurst, have forgotten, not destroy it as you are trying to do now!

    You, Akehurst, of the RIGHT, bellyache, then hope, decent, DEMOCRATIC LABOUR VOTERS, will take heed, of your lies and the hate, you keep peddling!
    All those on the Right, are a lost cause!
    In turn, blame us on the LEFT, for the exact same thing, you and yours, are doing on a daily basis!

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