Video: McDonald on the scandal of the £2bn East Coast Rail bail-out

Labour’s excellent Shadow Transport Secretary, Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald, has issued a strong video statement on the government’s £2 billion bail-out of the failed East Coast rail franchise – and on the wider context of the disaster of rail privatisation and Labour’s plans to renationalise rail.

McDonald points out that the only time in its history that the East Coast line has been profitable is when Labour took it back into public ownership – and that yet again the British public is expected to pay for the failure of supposedly efficient private contractors:

This collapse shows the nonsense of the claimed benefits of privatisation of public services and utilities – and exposes even further the inherent dishonesty of the Tory government. Watch and share.

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  1. 25 years after privatisation, private railway operators are still receiving billions of pounds of taxpayer funded subsidies.

    Privatisation clearly isn’t working.

  2. ‘Privatisation’ is not meant to work.

    As with increasingly monopoly, unaccountable, little competition privatised services, now increasingly every where, it is a means of making as much money as possible, and syphoning off as much public money as [possible

    For as long as possible, which has so far been far far too long.

  3. Where’s the slime known as hindson to defend OUR (NOT his) taxpayer pounds footing the bill for east coast rail now – after the total failure of being privatised A-GAIN?

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