Labour shows sensitivity in case of dead employee. MSM use it to attack


A young Labour employee has died, after being suspended pending investigation of alleged misconduct at work, in what may have been suicide.

The Labour Party, rightly, did not publicise the man’s death or identity out of consideration for his family.

The Murdoch press has chosen to spin that into an attack on Labour, claiming that the party ‘hushed up’ the incident:

times scum.png

Every time you think that the right-wing media could not sink any lower, they find a way.

Labour did not out the man in the media when he was suspended. The party did not release details of his alleged offence(s), nor was he summarily sacked or expelled from the party. He was, rightly, suspended while the allegations were investigated – due process, as it should be.

If Labour had not suspended him, the same media would be screaming that it was ‘hushing up’ sexual misdeeds and would be scrambling to subject the man to ‘trial by media‘ – the same behaviour that appears to have driven Welsh Assembly Member Carl Sargeant to his death.

But because the Labour Party acted properly, that sensitivity and discretion is being used to attack Labour instead – with complete disregard for the grief and horror of the deceased man’s family.

No wonder trust in the ‘MSM’ is at an all-time low.

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11 responses to “Labour shows sensitivity in case of dead employee. MSM use it to attack

  1. Steve I have to disagree, many thousands of us have gone through suspensions that pushed many into depression, as you know we had three members summarily dismissed from the party for attending an open meeting of TUSC, It seems the Labour Party are too eager to jump at any innuendo or accusation, We have a problem where many rival factions are using accusations for political expediency, rather than attack the media who will always take advantage of situations we should be looking to the way we as a Party that our membership

    • I don’t know how you can say that, given that we no details of the nature of the misconduct have been made public.

      • Malcolm the problem usually is the person suspended doesn’t even know what they are accused of, they cannot go to meetings and are isolated because head office will not reply to communications, your own CLP exec cannot help you, I know that from experience.

    • You do have a point but it rests on which part of the party is doing the suspending.
      Its high time the Labour party revised some of its somewhat ancient procedures, and also became a single party rather than the bifurcated executive team it has now…it does look like that is changing at last.
      It is far more important that Labour is put into government, and people that bring the party into disrepute, or into the twisted spotlit world of right wing media feeding frenzy, are not helping the party one little bit
      Its also high time we sent Rupert Murdoch packing back from whence he came

  2. Up to now I have been calling them trash rags, but they have now moved into category “Gutter Press”.


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  5. This ‘news’ if correct, relates to a member of staff. Staff are subject to a different set of disciplinary rules and processes than members and are protected by the ACAS codes and employment law.
    Members on the other hand are subject to the rule book which as many have said needs a complete and thorough review.
    Suspension in itself is supposed to be non judgemental. But we know that is not the case. It impacts upon the Member in a severe way. That ‘shame’ and despair, felt by many who have been told they have brought the party they love and fight for, into disrepute, os compounded by publicity. I was so saddened to hear the news that we have lost a member of labour. But if there is any light in this tragic event it is that Labour did not release information on the matter to the press or to certain groups in the party and that is the way it should be for everyone.
    Of course we do not know the circumstances of the case, how it was dealt with etc. So it is wrong to comment, but it does need to be said that the manner in which many of our members have bee treated in the past is unacceptable to many of us, the delays, the lack of information and most importantly the actions of certain groups who exist to find and report behaviour which they have judged by their own ‘stamdards’ to be such that they publicly demand expulsion of those members.
    The fact that such people do so under the official logo of Labour make this even more concerning.
    Thoughts are with the family and friends of this young man, which must be, as labour has said, our priority.

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