Video goes viral as #AngryCorbyn flays ‘uncaring, uncouth’ Tories #Budget17

Jeremy Corbyn is not a man known for losing his temper, so when it happens, it makes an impact – and a video of the Labour leader flaying the ‘uncaring, uncouth’ Tories during his response to the Tories’ weak and misdirected Budget is going viral on social media after it was tweeted by the @EL4JC Twitter account:

Original video by @EL4C. Subtitled version by the SKWAWKBOX

The Tories’ utter callousness toward our most vulnerable people – encapsulated in Hammond’s decision to only reduce the Universal Credit ‘waiting period’ from six to five weeks, instead of the four weeks promised – is reason enough for Corbyn’s fury.

But Labour front-bencher Richard Burgon gave extra information on the Tories’ boorish behaviour and attempts to prevent the Labour leader from even giving his response in defence of the vulnerable that makes Corbyn’s outrage even more fitting:

burgon budget.png

Hammond’s budget is already unravelling, with even BBC News featuring experts pouring cold water and scorn on Hammond’s plans and economic failure. As each thread falls away, we’re going to be facing the unedifying spectacle of a naked Chancellor, even greater exposure of Tory callous incompetence and a Tory party cannibalising itself.

If they cared about this country and its people, they’d call a General Election instead of clinging onto power in rigor mortis.

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  1. Yes those on average earnings re tax to be allowed to keep an extra £100 per year before all other costs go up but those on £45k plus won’t have to pay a higher rate until £46,360 – is that a £1,360 gain? Very fair Tories!

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    It takes a lot to make Corbyn angry, I’m so envious of his calm demeanour. I seem to have spent my life feeling angry and disgusted by Tories (and some right wing Labourites!).

  3. To be honest the Tories are so rude . If I went to work hid and heckled my team leader fairly sure I would be sacked. And so should they. Do your job and listen to the opposition

  4. Phillip Hammond in his budget speech stated “there are in London alone 270,000 residential planning permissions that have not been built”, and will launch an inquiry to investigate. But it is obvious; landowners are hanging on for higher prices! And the solution is simple; replace taxes on developed property (Council Tax and Business Rates) with a tax on land values. Land Value Taxation is not called incentive taxation for nothing.This will bring more land on the market, encourage construction and at the same time bring down land prices to more affordable levels – something property owing Tories do not really want.

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    This response by Tory bigots -who, by the way, are being paid thousands of pounds every year, supposedly to represent us, the poeple – is exactly how they feel about any of the multitude of roblems they’ve caused since they were voted into power – by far too many selfish idiots!
    Jeremy calling them uncaring is the least of their character defects – but they keep clinging on to power, to the total detriment of anybody who needs a helping hand, no matter what their age, work, or health problems!
    If this government isn’t held to account for all the deaths it has caused so far – running into the hundreds of thousands – then there really is no justice left in this bleak, dark world we’re having to live in!

    1. And meanwhile allow people to die as ‘collateral damage’ at the mercy pf the policies of these avaricious, snide twunts?

      Just so labour doesn’t have to be blamed? They’d easily find something to blame them for, Terry, I mean FFS they’re still blaming the global crash on them today!

      No thanks. I want well rid, yesterday.

  6. Never since his first utterance has Nye Bevans description of Tories been more apt!! They are worse than vermin!

  7. Tories are really out to destroy family life:
    Poll tax resulted in poor families ask the older Children, to cough up money for the extra poll tax or leave the family home. Children found this extremely difficult at a time when they themselves were not stable.
    Then along comes bedroom tax, under occupation means Grandparents forced to rehouse, move away from support mechanisms, thus both themselves and their children suffer.
    Being unable to support the family when they need support causes family rifts.
    When you are a vulnerable person with learning difficulties then tories will evict you and throw you into the hands of drug, beatings, on the streets, they don’t recognise educational statements, when you need help to look after your children, they take the children from you.
    Thus once again destroying family live.
    Yes it is true! It has happened to my family.

  8. The Tories begun their destruction of open democracy way back when Thatcher was elected for the reasons of destroying the public sector through wholesale theft by the Private sector and destroying, with all their faults, the only democratic organisations outside of the Posh people’s club, Parliament, which were the Trades Unions! This destruction continued through the Tory lite era of Blair right up to this, so called, Government which hangs around our necks in a moribund, stuffy and almost totally exclusive club which is still controlled by the rich and powerful! In other words, the destruction of an open and genuine democracy, with all it problems and foibles began 40 years ago! That stunted mad bunch who rule us must be got rid of and Parliament must be opened up so that we control what is rightfully ours and that is a modern democratic organisation which functions as a beacon for the people in this 21st Century! Rather than functioning as a badly organised band of thugs who don’t care about the Country but, along with their DUP thugs and terrorist supporters, only care about hanging on like grim death to power! Even Robert Mugabe had the grace and sense to step down from and untenable position! Maybe, for once the Tories might like to emulate this, even though, much to their shame, it’s a Dictator they have to take their example from! These Tories must be ousted from the Palace of Westminster and every Council in the UK! Perhaps then, those on the vicious Right within too many of the Parties (Labour please take note that the PLP is still full of plotting Blairites and they need to be dealt with) will wake up to what happens when policies such as those perpetrated and perpetuated by the Tories are no longer blinding people to their reality!

    1. If you want “a modern democratic organisation which functions as a beacon for the people” in the UK, you don’t go about doing so by ejecting virtually the entire Conservative Party from political office. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…

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