Treasury actually put this #Hammond photo out as an official shot

It’s almost unbelievable, but the image below is not a fake:

hammond gormless.png

Someone at the Treasury thought it would be a good idea to issue this image of clueless Chancellor Philip Hammond looking, well, clueless.

It’s clearly just begging to be spoofed – and comedian David Schneider was quick to take advantage after Hammond’s idiotic and callous statement to the BBC’s Marr show that ‘there are no unemployed people‘:

hammond schneider.png

Incompetence and being out of touch run through this government from top to bottom. Or, as author and parliamentary staffer Liam Young put it:

hammond young

Bodes well for this week’s Budget…

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  1. Looks like Hammond’s version of Tory humour to me. Clearly thinks he’s amusing. But we know it won’t be funny for the rest of us. When they say things like, “there are no unemployed people”, always look for the dark and sinister interpretation. Remember that one Cameron came out with about “full employment”?

  2. As the Mirror pointed out with UC 41,000 families will spend Christmas with no money – it’s just not funny. But perhaps is symbolic – as Wolgang Streekt argues with quantitative easing the rich and powerful, “Haven’t a clue what to do.”

  3. I want to be first in the caption competition.
    The chancers Christmas list. ‘ That’s 2 billion for DUP, The same in export guarantees to the Saudis, Bombs missiles and dirty water for the Yemeni children, !40 billion for Lord Ashcroft and the other tax dodgers.
    Uh oh I almost forgot British children on benefits, Sweet f**k all.

  4. “No matter how many time I read these instructions, they just don’t seem to make this red laptop work”

  5. Clearly they are going for the sympathy vote!



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