Ealing North right’s attempt to overturn CLP AGM backfires SPECTACULARLY

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The Labour right in Ealing – as in much of the rest of the country – has a track record of attempting to overturn or block results it doesn’t like. The councillor selections in borough’s Southall Broadway branch, for example, were annulled after Labour’s London Region upheld unspecified ‘complaints’ – even though specific complaints were made about alleged homophobic and racist abuse by the chair of the LCF (local campaign forum), who was said to be unhappy at the nomination of left-wing gay and white candidates.

A similar move had been made by the right in the Ealing North constituency of north-west London, whose MP was recently alleged to have helped to keep members out of the Labour Irish Society AGM (annual general meeting), when the CLP’s (constituency Labour party) AGM did not go to the liking of old-guard officers and members in July.

After the CLP’s right lost half of the positions on the CLP ‘exec, an anonymous complaint was made to London Region – considered by many to be run by the right – about the meeting and the meeting was annulled.

A second AGM was held in September and members agreed to hold a third AGM in November, so that all branches had an opportunity to nominate candidates for officer positions.

At the third meeting last night, according to local members who contacted the SKWAWKBOX, the right had clearly organised and packed the room with as many members as it could – but a record number of delegates turning out to vote meant that the right did not have a majority.

The left won every single position on the CLP’s executive.

Had the right not complained to their regional office in July, it would have still had 50% of the membership of the executive committee. Instead, what members call the ‘Progress faction’ has lost control of Ealing North CLP.

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10 responses to “Ealing North right’s attempt to overturn CLP AGM backfires SPECTACULARLY

  1. The right wing of the Labour Party supports apartheid regimes and the Saudi dictatorship.

    It is becoming increasingly clear that the right wing of the Labour Party has inherently racist and homophobic and anti-women tendencies.

    The Labour Party is a broad church but there is no place in the party for the right wing racist, sexist and homophobic MPS, councillors and members who currently infest the party with their ideology of hatred and division.

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  3. Great victory for Left, advice please my constituency controlled by right executive, no Campaign Organising Group, no Local Campaign Forum, all activities controlled by Executive, what’s the Rules on these Committee’s.

      • Thanks, Our Executive elected at AGM but places controlled by old guard, All positions as set out in rules ( clause VIII (2) for executive are elected also all co-ordinators as set out in ( clause vIII (4) are elected with automatic ex places with voting powers ? Executive sets up an Organising Committee with automatic places for sitting Councillors. No discussion on Labour Party Local Campaign Forums, No Discussion on a Campaign Committee. Membership trebled under Jeremy but all channels of involvement cut off, Our Standing Orders reflect Executive have overall control of CLP

        My Question can we insist Campaign Forum is set up and is the Local Labour Forum outside of the Clp remit or can we set one up, Having read the rules we want these Forums in place


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