While we’re all looking other way, here’s how UK people are suffering


The news is full of resigning ministers, front-bench sex-pests and the serial implosion of the government. But while we’re all looking the other way, the people of the UK continue to suffer appallingly because of the predations of the Establishment.

Here are just a few headlines that you might barely have noticed amid all the furore:

  • 307,000 UK people are now homeless under this government (Shelter)
  • Food poverty in one of the world’s richest countries is up by 13% to 587,000 (Trussell Trust)
  • Child Poverty is projected to hit 37% by 2022 (IFS)
  • The number of people in fuel poverty up 11% to 2.5 million (BEIS)

While we’re all entitled to cheer as the Tories collapse and to demand their downfall, we also need to make sure that we don’t take our eye off the ongoing and terrible human cost of living under a Tory government – even the most incompetent one in history.

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  2. These are the stats to damn tories like ids if they are ever taken to international court. This article doesn’t enen mention the avoidable deaths. We need another Nuremburg.

  3. Yes, we’ve had a fair bit of ‘smokescreen news’ just lately. That’s definitely the time we need to scout around and spot the ‘real news’ – find out what’s really happening just now – from the US-UK trade deal that’s dependent on trashing our food safety standards to Murdoch’s idea to close down Sky News because it’s obstructing him taking full control of Sky. Not forgetting that UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia have increased 500% since the beginning of the Yemen war … don’t know if the Tories count that as trade or aid these days ….

  4. Some big unobserved news is on the face of it international. Trump, the Crown Prince and Israel are looking to start new wars with the Shiia across the ME and especially in the Yemen, Lebanon and – the Big One – Iran. They are even now building up their narrative of “good reasons for war” manipulating media and whole governments. They got away with it in 2003 but fell in 2014, partly courtesy of British MP’s. They don’t want that to happen again! ask Priti Patel what she was up to; fashioning support for the coming war? War is the very last thing ordinary Brits want or need; good for BAE and the rest of them no doubt. Even better for the fund managers in Bermuda! On top of everything some working class lads will be asked to give their young lives for Sunni-Israeli hegonomy in the region.

    • Well said.
      Well Trump and Kushner (and no doubt with input from Netanyahu and allies including Saudi and UK in the background) are apparently drafting a new middle east ‘peace deal’. ‘Mad dog’ Mattis (US Sec of Defence) has been over for talks with new (inexperienced) Defence Secretary Williamson following talks at NATO… British foreign policies grind on the same or similar path whatever government is in power. Labour’s greatest challenge in a Corbyn led government if UK wishes to be a positive force as opposed to part of a hegemonic alliance which is largely a coercive, destructive force on the world stage.

      23 EU states have also signed a defence cooperation deal PESCO which UK hasn’t signed but UK has been involved for decades working towards this, click on the link at the bottom for the time line.
      Some may scoff at my source but overt ‘left’ media do not cover foreign policy in any depth or with an eye on the big picture and of course corporate and main stream media cover what vested interests and government wish and currently we are being offered a media diet of distraction designed to fuel outrage while huge changes are taking place under the radar.

    “LAUGH”, NOT ME!

  6. Hey Skwarkbox, Namaste 🙂

    Here is a response to muse a little space to smile.

    ~ Cannabis Devolution ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

    Monoliths and megaliths marooned upon the moor
    Standing Stones of Stone Henge are there forevermore
    Standing to remind us of an ancient Celtic yore
    When 7 tribes gathered as one to battle rage and roar
    In ferocious defence of the tyrannical English Boar
    Baring down to seize the Crown and Lands of Avalon
    Lands of an ancestral nation, Celtic Lands that belong
    In the one heart of its people, in every hymn and song
    Passion of a Welsh nation that won’t just tag along
    With the whims of millionaires, dictates of an English crown
    The Welsh are a nation that will never back down.
    Until devolution and independence, and governing free
    A politics for its people: tailored socialism specifically
    To appease the Red Dragon, to still its crimson flame
    Before all hell breaks loose and she flies once again
    In defence of her Realm and the Land of the free,
    Protecting her people from Whitehall’s austerity, from its
    God-forsaken misery, lies deceit murderous philosophies,
    Killing citizens on our cold lonely streets, where hunger
    And poverty treats thousands to a life of suffering and pain
    Whilst politicians make millions again and again,
    Puppets in a never-ending game blending poison with perfidy
    And profiteering gain, capitalist mentality, one led by mindless depravity
    And wilful neglect of people dying, whilst tory filth continue trying
    To destroy nations by stratifying societies, communities one and all,
    With a weapon called money already fleeced from the poor,
    Bringing death on our streets further poverty to our door.
    But not for long will you indulge dipping fetid fingertips,
    Cos the Celtic nations aren’t going take any more bullshit.
    A great roar arose as the figure posed behind the podium,
    Arose and arose from rows and rows to arise booming,
    Blooming as petals roses poses fireworks flickering flaring
    Tumbling journalists stumbling bumbling
    Cameras chit-chattering tattling prattling garbling rattling
    Foil ticker-tape wrapping clapping
    crackling to the sound of his inaugural speech.
    He stands taller on hallowed ground.
    Upon this Henge, this ancient Tor.
    Recently arrived on this Brave New World,
    Birthed by an ancient Golden Dawn.
    Editors lend stare to photographers’ flare or glare guess and glean.
    He isn’t the first Magus this Land has seen but,
    Even the Welsh would like to ask, where have you been?
    Yet these are small questions for a moment so fine,
    With the World waiting on his opening line.
    The figure ignored the political bawl, continued to stare standing tall.
    He cleared his throat, braced his shoulders,
    Put on his face, the one that smoulders.
    Began slowly to address the world’s telescopic glow,
    His intensity rising as words began to flow…
    “Leaders of the Seven Lands of the Celts.”
    “Lend me your ancient ears!”
    “After two thousand long and wicked years.”
    “A Prophet has returned to be amongst you.”
    ”I am the first of a Counsel of Seven,
    Each a Legend from a different Age.”
    “The Six to follow wield great might,
    But I am the Legendary Sage.”
    “I am Myrddin, here to steer new course as Druidic Seer.”
    “Here to enforce Welsh Devolution and divorce.”
    “Here to endorse Celtic Unity of course!”
    “To Camelot, and Seven as One together!”
    “The wicked sorceress Theresa May, she will no longer do!”
    “She has poisoned and pillaged and neglected you!”
    “Evil Tory incompetence, she burns wicked blue,”
    “Too rancid blue to ever again be trusted!”
    There is sudden silence amongst the readership.
    No flick no flak no flash or dash, no haste to race or up-load.
    Minds slowed information stowed, thoughts froze distilling download.
    The figure wears a cobalt weave stained by steel and coal,
    Preened poised polished well postured, composed wings unfurled.
    “I’m Merlin.” he said at last, “Wizard for 7 Nations back from the past.”
    “Our time has come to make a stand: we must now act fast!”
    “Wales will lead the world,” said Merlin, as camera’s burst into life,
    “I have a business plan ready to roll, that’ll end all trouble and strife.”
    “A Welsh Labour Government supported politically, by Canada in 2018.”
    “Legalization of Cannabis in Wales on prescription treating medicinally.”
    “By importing into Wales thro’ ports in place already,”
    “Safe passage safe import safe harbour safe export, and”
    “Safe transit across the sea, into European Markets via Lands in Brittany,”
    “Into EU markets all in shambles because of failed fiscal policy,”
    “Leaders who’d benefit from toking ‘good shit’ to help them politically!”
    Said Merlin, “Wales has the Land, the wisdom, the ancestry,”
    “To draw on skills in Agriculture, Medicine, in Science and Technology,”
    “To establish world leadership in Alternative Therapy, and the application of cannabis treating ailments Holistically.”
    “Wales is phenomenal in building community,”
    “In pulling together a nation once brutalised by industry,”
    “Spending £600 million on free prescriptions annually,”
    “Whilst Medicinal could be imported, or exported, or grown for free!”
    “So what will it take for Wales to set the Weed Free?”
    “A Socialist vision upholding modern medieval prophecy.”
    “That Merlin would return to lead 7 nations all free.”
    “And here I am,” said Merlin, “a Sorcerer for Victory.”

    So how about it Skwarkbox…what do your readership say to the idea of Welsh Devolution, political alliance with Canada, and the legalization of medicinal cannabis in Wales and in the UK for prescription use? It’s an idea that would inject millions into the UK economy: money desperately needed for major investment in the NHS, in Social Security provision, in alleviating Homelessness, Child Poverty and Child Abuse, building more schools, houses, hospitals, and in all ways funding the removal of suffering. It would provide opportunities for thousands of new jobs nationwide in new sciences, new technologies and new medical practices, expand existing/creative thinking in the Arts, treat effectively a vast variety of health disorders, whilst also actively promoting a more socially orientated less stressed and far happier UK.

    So why not Free the Weed, Free the Mind, Feed the Poor? 🙂

    Namaste 🙂


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