Video: BBC – ‘Tory rape’ claims ‘ignored by Leadsom, Williamson’?

The BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme this morning featured a video interview with ‘Amanda’, a former Tory activist who claims she was raped by a Tory MP’s assistant.

‘Amanda’ also claims that her allegations were passed to senior Tory minister Andrea Leadsom and to then-Chief Whip Gavin Williamson, but that her claims were ignored. She asks them ‘Why didn’t you do something?’

Ms Leadsom has admitted that she was informed about ‘toxic culture’ claims. Both deny being informed about the rape allegations. The full interview can be viewed on BBC iPlayer.

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  1. If I were you, I wouldn’t get too involved in all this moral outrage. You asked the other day “cui bono?” – keep on asking for one can be sure that this “scandal” is being orchestrated by dark forces in order to achieve a political outcome. It’s too early to say exactly what that objective might be but it may be multi-faceted and include de-stabilising the Brexit negotiations, undermining Corbyn/May simultaneously and creating a space where the neoliberals/friends of Goldman Sachs can get themselves firmly back in the driving seat in Britain. Whatever, Nick Clegg, Vince Cable, Tony Blair, George Osborne & their ilk will be over the moon.

    1. Interesting theory there, labrebisgalloise.

      As we can see from the still on-going Hillary smokescreen in the US, those neo-liberals will fight tooth and nail to cling onto power and, if they lose it, will not go gracefully and with dignity, but use every dirty trick in the book (including reigniting the Cold War) to get, as you say, back in the driving seat.

      Hopefully it’s not too late for Corbyn, although he should have purged the party of Blairites long ago, whose behaviour has been thoroughly feral since Corbyn became leader. Labour’s advantage, though, is that people will always see the Tories (more than Labour) as synonymous with sleaze and I don’t think this episode will hurt Labour too much. Scuppering Brexit is probably the main part of the objective. We shall see…

      1. well….its worth a lot of money to them and all their cronies. Of course they will fight for the handout carcasses.


  3. I’m sure I’m missing something here, but isn’t the obvious first port of call for any rape victim the nearest police station?

    If, for some reason the victim goes to a politician instead (whatever colour the politician) surely it’s the politician’s duty to send the victim to the police as they will have neither the skills nor the authority to investigate such a case.

      1. Yes – you’ve got me there. So much of this to keep up with.

  4. Statement from said person “Amanda ” as reported over on The Canary
    1.) Conservative activist was allegedly raped and then ignored in 2016

    On 5 November, the BBC reported that a Conservative activist says she was raped and then “completely ignored”. Speaking anonymously, the woman said:

    I was raped by someone senior to me in the Conservative Party. It was violent. It wasn’t in Westminster, it was in my own home. And it shouldn’t have happened. I remember the attack, during the attack. I remember the room disappearing around me and thinking I was going to die. When he left the next day I was at the police station within an hour and I reported it.

    So no question there about going to the Police , she DID

    1. Thanks – I’ve read that now.

      It appears that the CPS subsequently dropped the case – reasons unknown.

  5. That does not mean conclusively that the rape never happened so stop trying to minimise the seriousness of this as you usually do being a Tory apologist troll

      1. Talk to Joe Brand she’put you in your place over how many cases of innocent rapists etc etc .Hindson ever the Tory appologist

  6. @Rob – I’m glad to live in a society where the innocent until proven guilty rule applies; would you have different rules?

    1. Fuck off Hindson .Not wasting anther second fake debating with you on this matter .We know what your game is and your shit won’t wash here no more on this blog
      Tory supporting troll appologist .

  7. I beg all the people who commented on this publication, not to feed the trolls. It only encourages them and it negates the excellent point that SKWAWKBOX was making.
    There’s something that needs to be said: Trolls can’t bear being ignored.

    1. Thank you Foxandhare , how very true .
      ‘Tory rape’ claims ‘ignored by Leadsom, Williamson’? to remind one and all what this was about .

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