Tories hold STRIPPER night

The Tories love a bit of faux-outrage when it gives them chance to attack the Labour Party. The ‘MSM’ like to join in, instantly jumping to generalised talk of ‘Labour’s ____ problem’.

Glass houses. Stones.

If you were in the Bolton area and so inclined, a year ago you could attend a ‘Gentlemens [sic] Evening’.

With strippers.


Conservative HQ has claimed that Conservative Clubs are independent of the party, but the poster bears the official party logo.

Interesting to see what Tories consider ‘gentlemen’.

Just saying…

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  1. You could argue strip shows should be made illegal but focus might then turn on short skirts or low tops which may lead young men to “inappropriate” thoughts, so we had better ban them too?

    1. Whataboutery. This isn’t even about rights and wrongs. It’s about pots and kettles.

    2. There is a qualitative and quantitative difference between the sex industry as part of society (that’s a subject for another time) and the endorsement of enjoyment of women as objects by an organisation that is part of the ruling party.

      There are numerous examples of Tory MPs making sickening gestures and calls to women on the opposition benches especially when they speak. The organised “gentlemen” evening (ie a sleazy sub-Bullingdon gang getting sexually aroused by the degrading exploitation of women as a shared enjoyment) for fund raising only reinforces the spectre of the derogatory and sexist misogynist attitudes in the Tory party. I have spent part of this afternoon discussing the “equal opportunities” sections of the Labour Rule book with party members, and I can say that these attitudes are considered on a par with racism, (including antiSemitism), disablism, religious discrimination, and all other forms of oppressive and damaging behaviours. And as Jeremy Corbyn has just been reported saying, these attitudes are a definite culture “thriving” within Westminster. It has to change. No matter who these MPs are, how can one ever believe that they will represent their women constituents or support equalities legislation if they can’t even get this right? My own Tory MP has a reputation for making women constituents uncomfortable in his surgeries. The older ones are treated as if invisible, and inaudible, and the younger / attractive ones complain of uncomfortable physical contact of hand touching and even leg / knee touching, plus “the look”, which we all know means spending more time talking to “the tits” than the face. Oh yes, he’s also apparently “useless” at attending to any constituents problems unless they are business men, and Tory donors.

      In the Waspi movement we all know that part of the unstated problem in Westminster is the way that older women are regarded by those who are misogynists, that older women are “neither use nor ornament” in a culture where all women are judged through a sexualised value system? It’s not just about attitudes – the loss of pension by women born in the 50s is causing immense hardship and even death. The Excess Winter deaths (30,000 in 2015) are a measure of cuts to care and benefits that affect women disproportionately. Working class women are dying earlier than now, before they reach the raised pension age, because their lives are hard graft, and their health and wealth neglected through institutionalised discrimination (the idea that we will all live to be 98, ie spend a third of our lives as pensioners is patently untrue, and seems to elude the City Actuaries, too).

      So let’s get real about this issue – let’s not have the straw man arguments about “banning stripping” and talk about men in power and the way women are mistreated and undervalued at all ages as a result.

  2. We have a conservative club a couple of miles from us which is popular with all the Labour voters on the council estate that it’s on! Not one person who goes in there is a Tory voter! There are lots of con clubs as they’re called in many Labour constituencies.

  3. And the party that has made a hash of everything – AND has used the last seven years to bring the country to its knees – can’t even use an apostrophe.

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