Video: senior Polish politician: EU would rather deal with Corbyn

Radosław ‘Radek’ Sikorski is a prominent Polish politician. As a former Defence minister, a former Speaker of the Polish ‘Sejm’ (lower house) and a seven-year Foreign Minister of the Polish government, he’s ‘been around the block’ – and as a member of the Bullingdon Club, whose former members include David Cameron, George Osborne and Boris Johnson, he’s hardly anti-Establishment.

So it carries a fair bit of weight when he says on national TV that the EU would prefer to deal with Jeremy Corbyn.

And that’s not the only thing he said that lays waste Tory and media claims that EU leaders were, supposedly, being ‘nice’ to Theresa May to endorse and strengthen her. Sikorski tells Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy that the claims are a ‘complete British illusion’.

He also:

  • describes the weakness of the Tories’ hand in negotiations
  • states that pretty much the only change the Tories are achieving is getting one day closer each day to Britain’s exit from the EU
  • highlights the insolubility of the Irish border issue unless Britain remains within the Customs Union – an issue that the Irish government has said will cause it to veto any deal unless solved and which may cause the breakdown of the Tory-DUP deal
  • accuses Tory ministers of ignorance about how the EU works and says that – 16 months after the referendum – they’re only just starting to learn

Unsurprisingly, it’s not a clip that the BBC and other mainstream broadcasters/publishers are making much of, so watch and share:

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  1. @1:03

    ‘Yes – But they’re still learning about how the EU actually works. I mean, a year ago, key members of the British Govt didn’t know the difference between the customs union and the single market.

    They’ve learned THAT now…They’re now learning some other things’

    This is your tory govt, folks… They’ll never know THEIR arse from YOUR elbow.

  2. I feel I must post a reply on behalf of Damian Green; ” This is fake news, you can’t trust the Poles. They have always hated us ever since the war. This bound to lead to the editor of the Daily Mail being murdered by Nazi sympathizers or more likely Bolsheviks, they sound Polish….er.” And not forgetting Johnathon Freedland. ” This is the sort of language we have come to expect from the anti-Semitic Corbynista mainstream media in Poland and Europe. Thank god for the new media that’s what I say. This could lead to some journalist like Quinten Letts or Richard Littlebrain telling the truth. I must say I will be tempted to apply for the editorship of the Sun if the present incumbent is murdered which seems more than likely now. The Guardian is now far too Corbynista for my liking”
    I thought I would save them the trouble, fairs fair.

  3. What is quite clear is that the EU and UK would have a far greater chance of achieving a successful Brexit negotiation outcome with Jeremy Corbyn and his team leading the negotiations instead of Theresa May.

    The reason for this is because it is now obvious that the Conservative party has no intention whatsoever of coming to an agreement and are quite content to leave the EU without one. Their negotiations nothing more than a fiction designed to delay the collapse of the Conservative Government.

    Yet again the Tories have placed their party’s interests above the national interest.

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