#PIPstories: terminally-ill brother, sister-in-law can’t breathe but must work


Today, MPs are discussing Labour’s motion to pause the roll-out of the government’s disastrous ‘Universal Credit’ (UC) benefits system, which the government is pushing ahead with in spite of huge damage to vulnerable people and calls from every relevant organisation to stop it – or at least put it on hold while ways are found to reduce the harm it causes. With 25 or more Tory MPs said to be prepared to rebel on the motion, the government is considered likely to avoid defeat by simply not voting – a craven tactic it has used before.

That’s how much the lives and wellbeing of our people mean to the government.

Another area of the benefits system that is causing extreme distress to people already facing huge challenges is ‘PIP’ – the ‘Personal Independence Payment’ supposed to ease the burden on disabled people, which caused huge problems as soon as it replaced its predecessor, DLA (Disability Living Allowance).

Just over a week ago the SKWAWKBOX put out a call for people to send in their #PIPstories, their accounts of the trials and suffering they and their loves ones had been put through by the Tories’ callous WCA (Work Capability Assessment) system, which many feel is designed to turf people off PIP rather than to genuinely assess their need of it.

This is Sue’s story:

My terminally ill brother has never smoked but was born with heart and lung problems. He had his DLA stopped because he told he was fit to work.

He went to sign on and asked the woman interviewer at the job centre to plug in his breathing equipment as the battery pack that keeps him alive was going flat. The DWP worker laughed and asked where are the cameras – my brother asked what she was on about. She seriously thought it was some sort of joke that my brother was sent to sign on.

When she realised it wasn’t a joke, she set about doing an appeal. She said because he hasn’t got the breath to talk to her, in her opinion he wasn’t fit to work.

But his money was stopped for 3 months.

My sister-in-law who suffers from Asbestosis from sitting on her fathers lap after he finished work, has been forced back to work full time. She can also hardly breath and works 60 hours a week for next to nothing. They were three months with out a penny. If it wasn’t for their daughter buying food and paying bills for them, they would have starved or been evicted.

It’s a disgusting way to treat people who are dying. Both of them don’t have long left. Surely if a Christian, realised this they would help. No most Tories claim to be Christians but they make life as miserable and difficult for those less fortunate and in need.

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  1. This is unbelievable. How can the Government treat sick people this way? It is bad enough being seriously ill without having money worries and constant stress on the top. The Government and the DWP should be held responsible for all the harm they are causing.


  3. That is appalling – but nothing new from the Tories – Teresa May – daughter of a Vicar! Ohhhhhh Jeremy Corbyn dear man, you have your work cut out but millions of us are with you!

  4. As a lifelong atheist, it never ceases to amaze me, these so-called Christians hypocrisy. Blair the war monger, May and Widdicom ‘ suffer not little children that come unto thee said the lord’ except for child refugees that is, some of them have got brown skin, or don’t look cute like the little Syrian boy, or might be teenagers, can’t have that, can we? Well, at least that’s according to Thersa May’s arbiter of Christian morality…The Daily Mail.
    So no chance for all you sick people needing money to live on.
    I am sure Ian Sp*nk-on- Sh*t will show you how to live on £0/week though.

  5. Most of us are humanists (small H) first, and ideologists second. The Tories are Tories first and Tories second – no heart, no sympathy and no f’n good!

  6. Appalling and Horrifying behaviour from your fellow Brits.
    What is wrong with you Britains? Why didn’t you vote the FB’s out when you had the chance?

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