Video: Hunt – “I’ll give nurses an app to work longer at short notice”

hunt in prayer
Jeremy Hunt: not praying for forgiveness, but he should be.

Jeremy Hunt spoke to the Tory conference in Manchester today about the NHS. It was a bizarre spectacle.

Hunt gave the Tories the credit for the fact that we have an NHS. He said he would increase the number of nurse training places – ignoring the fact that there aren’t enough student nurses filling courses now, thanks to the Tories’ decision to scrap bursaries for nursing students. And he tried to claim patient satisfaction levels are at an all-time high in an NHS that’s falling down around our ears amid ever-lengthening waiting times and hospitals running at record deficits.

But his nonsense entered the realm of the surreal when, after calling for a hypocritical round of applause for heroic medical staff who risked their lives to save others in the Manchester and London terror attacks, he said he planned to show nurses how valued they were and to help them manage their family commitments.

With an app.

And he screwed up and let slip that the ‘flexible working app’ he plans to make available is actually for NHS Trusts to be able to get their staff to work extra hours at short notice:

It’s the equivalent of a selfish, idiot husband buying his wife a new iron or vacuum cleaner so she can do ‘her’ chores more efficiently – and expecting her to be pleased at the ‘romantic’ gesture.

Except this is an idiot Health Secretary insulting well over a million NHS workers, If he hadn’t already been the most despised in the history of the NHS, he would be now.

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  1. I’m glad you picked up on this because it doesn’t seem to have got through the media’s filters that he effectively just announced zero-hour contract nurses in which all the gaps in the rota his 7 day elective surgery idiocy is creating is going to be filled by Trusts sending texts to off-duty staff begging them to come into work.


  3. “Will no one rid me of this turbulent government?”
    Apologies to The Bard.

  4. Not just nurses. Support workers, such as sign language interpreters, are about to receive the same ‘help’. Insulting and devaluing professional language service workers seems to be an important objective within a certain NHS area. And it’s in Scotland!

  5. Is Jeremy Hunt deliberately forgetting that the reason for the public satisfaction has nothing to do with Conservative Party policy but a tribute to the professionalism of Nurses, Doctors and Ancilliary Staff. It is hospital staff doing the best possible job that brings satisfaction not Jeremy Hunt and fellow Conservatives.

  6. Hey Skwarkbox,

    As previously hypothesised, the general feeling is that the NHS is going be privatised, sold off to the Yanks, and this is the start of it. This government, and this Hunt, do nothing for anyone other than themselves. The mentality that permeates society is that capitalism wins the day over the sanctity of life. It is the American dream of course: to make money cause suffering throughout the world and in America, and now the UK government invites them here to cause suffering in the UK. It’s a marvellous decision for the profiteers, the worst case scenario for the UK electorate There was a time when even an American could believe what is written on their dollar coins, ‘In God We Trust.’ I don’t believe that is the case anymore, if ever it was to begin with. It’s certainly not the God the rest of the world believe in and certainly not the one America demonstrate knowing.

    There will come a day when social revolution occurs, non-violently I hope. It will be a day when social justice is served and these self-serving puppets and their band of politics made a thing of the past. Greed is an evil actively promoted by this government: take take take is all it does. It is time people took back their power from myopic, distrusted, disliked, and loathsome governments like this tramp of a tatty tory party.

    Power to the People! The future is bright, the future is Red.
    Namaste 🙂


  7. Fair enough for the suggestion we can all tell Jeremy *unt is try his but obviously there is something lacking. As nurses we should give an app that he can use to engage his brains before he opens his mouth.

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