Met ‘considering’ ‘grave’ EU criminal allegations vs May, Davis

Earlier this year, Barrister David Wolchover wrote a paper on the legality – or rather, lack of it – in the government’s Brexit procedures that inspired the creation of a Facebook group named after him that is dedicated to challenging the government over its handling of the Brexit process.

In response to the actions of the group named after him, Mr Wolchover – a barrister of over forty years’ standing – has written an explosive letter to Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

In that letter Wolchover, whose articles on legal matters have been published in national broadsheets, accuses Theresa May, Brexit Secretary David Davis and others of ignoring and bypassing proper legal and constitutional procedures to an extent so serious, in pursuit of Brexit, that it constitutes a ‘grave criminal offence’ – and criticises the ‘stonewalling’ response of other senior police officers.

In the first page of his letter, reproduced below, Wolchover

wolch 1 cropped.jpg

He asserts that any investigation would be extremely easy to carry out because the relevant facts are entirely in the public record and lists the pertinent details:

wolch 2.jpg

According to Wolchover, the omissions and misrepresentations are so serious that they amount to the government’s ‘Article 50’ notification in March being invalid – because,

You cannot give notification about something that hasn’t happened.

The flaws – and complete contradictions of Supreme Court decisions – are, according to Wolchover, so glaring that for May, Davis and others to have been unaware of them is “almost inconceivable“. Their resulting actions are so illegal that he believes ‘leavers’ and ‘remainers’ alike will be “horrified”:

this may be of little concern to some people who support the departure of the UK from the EU the vast majority of the British public, both remainers and leavers, would, I dare say, be horrified if they appreciated the nature of the chicanery involved.

He rounds off his letter to Commissioner Dick by emphasising the extreme nature of the alleged criminality involved and expressing his confidence that she will act appropriately:

wolch 4 cropped.jpg

Will his confidence prove justified? The SKWAWKBOX contacted the Met for comment and received confirmation that allegations had been received, but the response could perhaps best be described as non-committal on the subject of action to be taken:

The Met is aware of two articles in Criminal Law and Justice Weekly, and has received correspondence from a number of individuals stating criminal offences may have been committed.

The Met is considering the correspondence it has received, but has not commenced any criminal investigation.

David Wolchover’s full letter, edited only to remove contact details, is available here: wolchover CD no contact info

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  1. I can’t see this one going anywhere fast
    I’ve never heard of a case succeeding on the basis of how our invisible constitution is interpreted, and I don’t think this will be a first.
    … but it’ll be fun watching them writhe about making excuses.

  2. Given her record as an apologist for trigger-happy policemen, I doubt she will put her neck on the line for this one. The clandestine meetings between Osbourne and Murdoch would make an interesting investigation though. Misconduct in a public office and the official secrets act spring to mind, passing sensitive information to a foreign national of dubious character? Or perhaps this one is for the DPC.
    Hope springs eternal.
    This grumpy old git is taking his afternoon nap now. Please wake me up when it’s all over.

  3. If a criminal offence has been committed I would expect the police to investigate it. To not do so becausevit involves the Pm and othet prominent members of the government would be an affront to the rule of law and a fross dereliction of duty.

  4. This chicanery is the thin end of the wedge. Reminiscent (in hopefully a minor way) of the weasely way Adolf Hitler went about disempowering the Weimar government by changing the legal goalposts. We must protest and prorest so they think twice in future about this riding roughshod.

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