Left candidates smash NCC election

Left-wing candidates Seema Chandwani and Billy Hayes romped home in last month’s CAC (Conference Arrangements Committee) elections by a margin of 2:1 over their opponents.

Now Emine Ibrahim and Anna Dyer have by an even bigger margin in a huge win in the vital NCC (National Constitutional Committee) elections – by a ratio of almost 3 to 1. The results will not be formally announced until Conference resumes tomorrow, but the SKWAWKBOX can reveal the precise results:


Congratulations to both left candidates. The NCC plays a vital role in the party’s disciplinary processes and the presence of two left-wing members will increase the confidence of the majority of members in a fair regime in future.

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  1. Emine and Anna should get digging.

    As highlighted by – but by no means limited to – Brighton Labour members, there are a large number of blatantly anti-Corbyn suspensions still in effect, often with no explicitly claimed justification, let alone credible supporting evidence!

    Not to mention reports of outright misconduct and vote rigging at a national, regional, LCF, CLP and pretty much every other level of the party, all of which deserve a fair hearing.

    The issue of politically motivated misconduct by anti-Corbyn types is one gigantic septic tank, with McNicol and his co-conspirators purched right on top of it.

    They should all be tipped into it, either individually or en masse.

  2. had an email , theresa may is considering reducing student debt. she is also asking what are important issues to us and what we would like done . crafty, hope nobody is buying this,please no.think people had enough, when she is paying all this money to dup, and mocking labour about money trees.

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