Tories’ evil sanction regime in a horrific nutshell


The Tories have been censured by the UN for their vile abuse of disabled people and benefit claimants – not a fact that you will see much mentioned in the mainstream media, apart from small articles tucked away in website corners.

Even such news fails to bring home the full horror of the regime of routine abuse that the government has constructed against vulnerable people. It speaks eloquently of the international disgrace that the Conservatives have brought on this country, but less of the awful reality of that everyday abuse.

For that, we need human stories. This is one.

The husband of a severely disabled woman received a letter from the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions). Unsurprisingly, as he’s her primary and busy caregiver, by the morning of the appointment he’d forgotten about it. He told their story on Facebook:


For missing that appointment, the DWP removed Mrs Rodger’s benefits – and stuck by that decision even after her husband explained. It was his ‘fault’, not hers – but the DWP is punishing both of them even though she clearly has not the remotest possibility of finding work.

A DWP insider told the SKWAWKBOX:

Most of us are sick to death of seeing people that can’t wipe their own backside being denied a bit of dignity, or being told their Parkinson’s is suddenly curable, or being sent nasty letters while lying in a coma. Deaths because people haven’t got enough to eat or heat their homes, soldiers dying with nothing in their stomach in a grotty bedsit or veterans on the street suffering from PTSD with nothing available to them but platitudes from swivel-eyed Tory sub-mediocrities. The man being sanctioned for missing a job centre appointment while his wife had to deliver her stillborn baby and told by Jobcentre Plus, “You should’ve rung us”.

If hell exists, the people  responsible for this have a special place reserved for them. It’s genuinely evil.

It pisses me off when people tar DWP employees with the same brush, many of us disagree with these decisions and with the Tories, which is why so many people are now leaving, some of whom have worked in the Department since the old Social Security days.

So many people are leaving offices where it has been rolled out. Universal Credit is a failed Tory project that has so far cost £16bn, yet it won’t be fully rolled out until at least 2023 costing billions more.

In 2011, Ian Duncan Smith said 7 million people will be claiming Universal Credit by 2017; it went live in 2013 and four years later just 540,000 people are claiming it, and it has caused a surge in food bank referrals, debt, rent arrears and evictions wherever it has been rolled out. It’s a humanitarian disaster, but a deliberately-induced one.

Vincent and Julie Rodger are just two of many thousands of victims of a regime that is only going to get worse as the government presses ahead with its Universal Credit project.

So cruel is the system that sanctioned claimants are deliberately not being told of help that is available to them, according to information circulated by The Pileus:


The government will happily keep our eyes anywhere but on its concerted assault on the vulnerable in our society. Please share this information to raise awareness and to make the victims of sanctions aware of the help that is available but not publicised.

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  1. Where’s serwotka in all of this?

    Not a peep out of him or his pcs union…Until it’s one of his jobcentre workers (‘Kapos’) being ‘abused’ or being forced to look for more’ better paid work themselves*

    *I wonder how many of them have been sanctioned for failing to find more/better paid work?

  2. Evil robbing governers excuse after excuse for filching your money……

  3. It’s not something Mark Serwotka or any of his members can do anything about. They do not support sanctions & have put motions forward at Conference to say they are against them. They do not write the rules. They (PCS) are on Strike in Sheffield to stop the JCP’s being closed. 75 + JCP’s are to go. This means my members (Unite Community) will struggle to get to sign on & will be sanctioned. They are on strike to save the services.

    1. No – they don’t write the rules. No – they don’t ‘support’ sanctions…

      But they enforce them; and in plenty of instances with glee. They’re alright accepting their £25 M&S vouchers; or even as little as an easter egg – YES, A F**KING EASTER EGG – for ‘sanctioning’ (I hate that term) people and putting them in abject penury for the most spurious of reasons (See the OP for further evidence)

      Oh, but: ‘They’ve put forward Motions to say they’re against them’


      How very ‘Judean People’s Front’ of them. A lot of bleedin’ good that’s done for the poor sods that have been forced to use foodbanks, even less so those that’ve been made homeless, or even topped themselves.

      And you’ve proved my point. JCP’s closing down – ‘let’s go on strike.’

      Disabled woman’s benefit stopped (One of hundreds of thousands) -‘Oh, well…We don’t like it, but them’s the rules, and we’re only following orders…’

      I also note you make no mention of the poor sods who are already on the dole who also have to travel further to sign on… As is the case where I live. No – it appears it’s all about your union members; the exact same attitude as the pcs.

      The pcs (serwotka & DWP members) get zero solidarity from me until they show a bit of backbone and actually do something that might force the issue, rather than carry on with their pathetic, handwringing, worthless bleatings about how unfair the regime is.

      1. Isn’t that called the Nuremberg Defence, pleading “I was only obeying orders”?
        Benefit claimants, particularly the disabled, over the past 7 years have suffered unimaginably (unimaginable to the average mainstream media watcher, that is) and deserve to have their own Nuremberg trials, with IDS, Baron David “Lord Fraud” Freud, Failing Grayling et al in the dock for pre-meditated attempted, sometimes successful, murder. A slap on the wrist from the UN is useless because it carries no penalty. Any civilised society should want to make an example of them.

      2. It’s EXACTLY that, @timfrom.

        DWP/tory idealogy almost inconceivably mirroring the nazi ‘Aktion T4’ programme; and the actions of the JCP employees replicating those of the concentration camp ‘kapos’ by aiding & abetting these draconian policies for a few pitiful crumbs.

        History repeating itself. You’d have thought ‘lord fraud’ of all people would’ve learned something – given his family’s background – and had a bit of compassion; but instead he’s been a major protagonist…Even ‘crossing the floor’ in order to be part of their ‘Wannsee Conference’.

        It’s a national disgrace what’s happening, and anyone – ANYONE – what tries to mitigate the actions of ANY of those carrying this out deserves scathing condemnation…even social ostracism.

        Those at the top deserve to be put on trial for their own miserable skins… They’ve no defence whatsoever.

      3. You are attacking people who aren’t responsible for the rules. You’ve just attacked my members who are the people who get sanctioned, so what do you want? You really need to read what i wrote. Unite Community is a part of the Union for people not in paid employment, retired, students, Disabled & carers. Don’t attack us. Don’t attack the people who are out there, everyday, supporting people who have had their money stopped. We are out there, every day, working in the food banks, standing outside Job Centers, giving out info on what to do if one gets sanctioned and so much more. ****There are people who work for the DWP who aren’t in a Union****. The more PCS members in an office, the less sanctions occur. FACT. PCS are fighting back & that is why you (if you do your research) will find that they are on strike because my members will have to travel further to sign on & therefore, more sanctions will occur. What else do you think the PCS members should do? Leave their jobs & sign on? They are talking to people who can stop this. The JCP’s that are closing are the ones that service the most vulnerable, which is why they are on strike. Seaside towns, villages, places where there is no public transport (if there is, people can’t afford it).The PCS members i have talked to are doing as much as they can. Please don’t attack me or my members. If you’re not in a Union, join Unite Community. Join us in the fight against what is happening to people, in or out of work. We need people like you who have the passion to change what’s happening, not attack us. We need to to fight the enemy, not each other.

      4. Zarria Phillips 18/09/2017 at 9:22 pm · ·
        You are attacking people who aren’t responsible for the rules.

        Erm…No. I’m attacking those who are making the rules and those enforcing them; as well as those with their mealy-mouthed, weasel-worded, handwringing bleatings instead of any action, threatened or carried out.

        I read an article from when dummkopf-schmitt visited a jobcentre in birmingham amid JCP worker’s protests.

        The quote from one of the ‘protesters’ was something along the lines of: “Some of them (JCP workers) were so upset they were ALMOST willing to tear up their £25 M&S vouchers in protest”

        I’ll post that link when I find it. Shows how ‘concerned’ they are that they’ll accept bribes to put people into poverty..

        Meanwhile, here’s how hard the pcs have ‘fought against sanctions’…


        And you pontificate to me? Join a union? WTF for? When I was bullied out of my job in a very well known motor manufacturer on Merseyside, the union solicitor (Unite as it happens) refused to take up my case, citing the cost of the tribunal and then having the brass neck to inform me I could always spend £3k on preparing my own case.

    2. Here’s proof about “The small carrot” pcs get for ‘getting people off benefits’ (Code for…)


      “Mr Lloyd said Jobcentre workers had threatened to tear up £25 Marks and Spencer vouchers received for getting claimants off benefits as part of a DWP ‘carrot and stick’ approach. He said: “The carrot is a small one and a number of PCS members from Smethwick were considering tearing up their vouchers in front of IDS to show their feelings over the matter.”

      So, zarria – let’s hear it?

      1. Oh, and by the way @zarria…

        That’s Andrew Lloyd; PCS Midlands Regional Secretary.

        Solidarity, brothers & sisters…:/

      2. Hey Mr Toffee, any idea what Johnny Void is doing these days? Another blog, I hope. Tragically, he was forced to abandon The Void to the mentalist(s) infesting the comment threads. Check it out, for the last few months it’s just Swineherd and his alter-egos posting links to newspaper articles. Pathetic.

      3. No idea @timfrom.

        So, you noticed as well? I ‘did the off’ from there when it started getting silly. It’s a shame, really, because it was a very good blog. IIRC The Void went not long after Ian Bone jibbed his blog…The ‘conspiracy theorist’ in me makes me wonder if it was coincidence, or something else 😮

      4. Quite agree. A brilliant, knowledgeable, funny writer. Makes me curious to know if, behind the alias, he’s a better-known figure – maybe on a national newspaper or something. It’d be a real shame if his talent was going to waste these days. I do hope not, wherever he is…

  4. Yet they are worried about our mental heath, permanently on the news, as NHS mental services are now eating away at over a fifth of NHS budget, whist 7% goes on GPs.

    And as mental services are the most lucrative with just drugs and containment they are nearly all private google finola moss.

    And the other big money spinner, the old, whose decisions and property are removed by the secret Court of Protection, as again the government is worried about the lonely, and the burden of care ………….that is why they have reduced Carers Allowance to a max of £62.50 for 24/7 care and DLA to £103 per week, whilst private providers are paid on average £4,000 for containment care and drugs.

  5. HELP PLEASE from a technically challenged “old fogey” – HOW DO I SHARE THESE POSTS ON FACEBOOK

    1. Copy the link from the address bar when you have the article open. Go to your FB, start a new FB status, then paste in the link with your comments. Alternatively, use the FB button among the share options at the bottom of each article. Hope this helps – if not, shout up!

  6. Reblogged this on The Night Owl and commented:
    This is the face of the Tory Government in 2017.
    Deliberate, vindictive, abuse of power, that totally ignores the hell they are putting people through – just because they aren’t rich and successful!
    Why aren’t the British Public standing up and telling them that they are wrong?
    Why are the Media of Britain staying silent on stories such as this one, when it would be so easy to let the public know what’s been happening for the last 7 years?
    Why has our once-caring society turned into people who don’t give a damn – unless it’s affecting them personally?
    Unless something is done, and soon, there will be even more deaths than the thousands that have already occured since the tories took power, and it could so easily have been people, such as Vince and Julie Rodger, who were left to suffer in silence!
    Please share this story as much as you can, and get people seeing what is happening in this country?

    1. Katy: In answer to your question regarding the media, the reason they remain silent is because it is owned and/or controlled by the PTB – ie it is the propaganda mouthpiece of the ruling elite and, as such, controls what many millions of people think and believe, or NOT. And it’s precisely for that reason that the vast majority of people don’t know that they – the ruling elite – are in the process of privatising our NHS.

      The mafia have got nothing on them; greedy, war-mongering, hate-mongering, duplicitous and sadistic psychopaths every single last one of them.

  7. No reply form @zarria phillips I see.

    Proof you can’t defend the indefensible…

      1. Hi Zarria, you have no pending comments, I can’t see what it is you wanted to post – could you repost?

      2. I thought you said my reply had been moved to auto-approval? I wrote it a couple of nights ago & when i had posted, i read that it was waiting ‘moderation ‘approval. (or similar & i do understand why that has to be done).

      3. You as a poster have been moved to auto-approval – that means your comments go through without moderation. There’s no comment pending for you at the moment that hasn’t been approved so it looks like something went wrong during the attempt to comment

  8. By the way, zarria…You mentioned I attacked the unemployed, disabled & carers. Risible.

    Here’s one for ya…I’m a carer meself.

    You’ve got no argument to the FACTS I gave you. Yes – FACTS, not the conjecture you made up. Show me substantial proof- pcs propaganda will not be accepted – that more pcs members equals less sanctions.

    It might be the case for not sanctioning fellow pcs members who work less than the 30 or 35 hours per week. But I’ll bet it doesn’t apply to your non pcs members, though. Nope – those £25 M&S vouchers don’t give themselves away…

    Serwotka & the pcs do not give a shite about anyone except their members. I’ve provided ample evidence. You still wanna mitigate for them after that; then you go right ahead and make yourself look even more tory than the tories.

  9. Disabled wheelchair bound lady with MS and a serious heart condition which is deteriorating plus other serious health concerns and is being discriminated against by the DWP as they refuse to pay her universal credit and severe disablement allowance due to the fact that she is too unstable medically to attend or have an interview with the universal credit staff. The lady had another (her 4th) heart attack this weekend and they are blackmailing her. no interview no pay.

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