Carden’s maiden Commons speech shows more quality of Labour 2017 intake

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Dan Carden, Labour’s new MP for the Walton area of Liverpool, made his maiden speech in the Commons on Tuesday. After the outstanding debuts of the likes of North-West Durham’s Laura Pidcock, Carden – who won an astonishing 87.5% of the Walton vote – had a high standard to meet and he didn’t disappoint.

In keeping with the theme of not cosying up to the ‘enemy’ that has dominated the media narrative for the last month, Carden laid into the Tories with a series of hard-hitting observations on their dire record and the burden they place on the backs of his constituents:

Here’s an extract:

Today the economic reality of north Liverpool makes a mockery of this government’s rhetoric. And whilst life today may be hard, the future we are being led towards is so dark it’s Orwellian.

Ministers pretend they’re are taking tough decisions, saying we’ll all have to work until we’re 70, They don’t care that the low paid, unrewarding jobs done by many of my constituents will physically or mentally break them well before they reach that age.
They brag that they’ve created 2 million more jobs – well there are people in Walton who are doing two or three of them and still struggling to make ends meet.

We’re told there’s not enough money. Yet there’s a deafening silence on accumulating corporate profits and tax abuses by the richest.

On the Gains from growth being funnelled into profits, not wages;

Or that we’re in the longest period of wage stagnation for 150 years and we’re the most regionally unbalanced economy in Europe.

I’m 30 years old Mr. Speaker, and I can’t believe that the generation following me just don’t see secure well-paid employment – or ever owning their own home – as realistic prospects for themselves.

The rest is well worth the time it will take to watch.

Carden’s maiden speech reflects well on Labour’s 2017 intake, which contains a number of rapidly-rising stars with genuine left-wing politics and vision that will have the Tories – and a few recalcitrant ‘centrist’ old-guard – shifting uncomfortably in seats that they may not occupy for too much longer.

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  1. Well said, ‘Daniel-san’ 😉 A crackin’ start. You’ll do your constituents proud, I’m certain.

    (You wouldn’t have got anything like that from fat joe anderson. :/ )

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