Arab League cancels conference event as Labour rejects Saudi/Sudan application

A leaked memo from the League of Arab States reveals that the organisation has cancelled its planned 26 September event at Labour’s annual conference in Brighton because applications by Saudi Arabia and Sudan to attend were rejected by the party:

las cancel.png

Those with a commitment to human rights will applaud the decision, but Labour insiders say that some on the right of the party see it differently.

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  1. There is no room in a democratic political party for countries like Saudi Arabia. They are no better than ISIS. Anyone standing with them should go take a hike.

    1. Having worked in Saudi and across the Middle East I can’t agree with your view. Qatar is much closer to ISIS and they are the closest to the USA in the region. Its complex and you seem to have a very simplistic view. There are many good people in Saudi working with them is important. I thought the UN declared that the UK government had created a humanitarian crisis what is your solution?

  2. The Saudi dictatorship is on notice.

    Its regime will not be supported or armed by the next Labour government.

  3. I wonder where the pressure came from to convince those other states to avoid the Conference? Beats me!

  4. As a supporter of JC, Momentum and Skwawkbox I beg to differ. By refusing Saudi attendence the opportunity has been missed to express the opposition we all feel towards Saudi Arabian oppression in Yemen. It also gives Arab countries a rallying point to unify against another perceived humiliation by West politicians. Closing avenues of communication seldom works. It only serves to bolster self righteousness in those doing the blocking. A demonstration against Saudi outside the Conference would have garnered more publicity for the plight of Yemen and some back door lobbying would likely have transmitted our views in a more grown up manner.

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