Desperate minority govt trying to bypass democracy

As the Huffington Post pointed out yesterday, the government is trying to rig Parliament by passing a rule on the composition of parliamentary committees to guarantee a Tory majority on the ‘powerhouses of all prospective laws’.

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Not content with a £1.5 billion bribe to the DUP to form a weak government, the Tories are now trying to get around its vulnerability to defeat in Commons votes – by bypassing the vote and essentially ignoring the democratic result of the General Election.

Labour called this “an unprecedented power grab by a minority government that lost its moral authority as well as its majority at the General Election“. Truer words were never spoken.

The Tories are so desperate to cling onto power and maintain their pillaging of the country that they’ve let let even any pretence of democracy fall away and are nakedly seeking to create an effective dictatorship.

Labour’s spokesperson went on:

On Monday the Government are seeking the power to change the law by ministerial edict and on Tuesday they will try to sideline opposition in Parliament by rigging the committee system so that they are guaranteed a majority they didn’t secure at the ballot box.

The British people will not understand how having voted to deny the Conservatives a majority, the Tories can alter the rules of Parliament to ensure they have one.

The very people who told us Brexit was about restoring Parliamentary sovereignty are now voting through measures that will sideline Parliament and grant Ministers unprecedented powers.”

This move must be defeated. If you’re unfortunate enough to have a Tory MP, write to him/her urgently here to ask them to vote against this deeply anti-democratic measure.

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  1. Lord Hailsham coined the term elective dictatorship to describe how our flexible constitution can allow the executives with wafer thin majorities to wield powers disproportionate to its mandate.

    Under Theresa May’s premiership we are now entering uncharted territory. If this is allowed then parliament will be under the yoke of an executive which can accurately be described as an unelective dictatorship.

    May has created a constitutional crisis.

  2. Professor Michael Dougan warned before the EU referendum that this is exactly what would happen.

  3. Tories ignoring rule of law & democracy? Tell us, what’s new?

    They did it with fracking, overruling council’s democratic decision(s) not to go ahead with it.

    They did it with family allowance for a third child. Not even having a vote on the ‘rape’ clause, but steamrollering it through.

    They did it with retrospectively changing the law to ensure that people who’d been working for their dole or sanctioned wouldn’t be paid what was rightfully owed them (With the eager assistance AND encouragement of bliarites in the labour party)

    They ‘retrospectively’ changed a retrospective law about the DUP ‘Dark Money’

    We’re already in a dictatorship in all but name….

  4. Given @theresa_may Dictatorial stance and power grab the EU as far as I am concerned is within there rights to refuse to negotiate until this Tory party sees sense and starts negotiating for its people and not themselves.
    If you look to all the doom, gloom harm and suffering of the past 7 years it is not hard to see why they are doing this, indeed they know should Corbyn win the next election he can change the law and see those responsible do face a court for there crimes
    They are terrified of him and what he can do, I call it turning the tables.

    1. ‘If you look to all the doom, gloom harm and suffering of the past 7 years it is not hard to see why they are doing this’

      Me brother has always said the same thing, Leon. Even well before the 2015 election. They’re doing (AND getting away with) things that that arld bastard thatcher used to flick herself off about, but never dreamt of doing when she was PM.

      And the mainstream media has been only too complicit because they NEVER challenge, or even question.

      But we still (for the time being) have the power; and they’re terrified of that.

  5. But only a few months ago our sitting MP, seeking re-election, was going around telling voters verbally and implying in the election literature that Labour had no chance but everyone should vote for them as a strong “independent” MP who would “hold the (Tory) Government to account.”

    Are you saying that despite the Tory Government not having a majority that this is not going to be possible and that we have been the victims of a terminological inexactitude from our MP in our Constituency? Say it ain’t so! Quelle Suprise!

    Well I’ll go to’t foot of our stairs.

  6. The ‘negotiations’ are a sham. Under no circumstances will the EU accept an open border in Ireland and the ‘Irish’ will not accept a closed border. End of story, the UK leaves without a deal and our economy tanks. Thank you Tory bastards – John Major’s term not not mine.


  8. This move remind anyone else of Hitler’s minor administrative improvement in 1933?

    “Adolf Hitler addressed the Reichstag on 23 March 1933. Seeking assent to the Enabling Act, Hitler offered the possibility of friendly co-operation, promising not to threaten the Reichstag, the President, the States or the Churches if granted the emergency powers.”

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