Seems we’re well-known enough for some to try buying us

It appears that the SKWAWKBOX has reached the kind of profile where people think it’s worth trying to buy it – or a piece of its credibility, at least.

A marketing company contacted the blog with a request to put an article on the SKWAWKBOX as if it were our own content, in return for cash – to promote, of all things, a casino:

Just to clarify my enquiry is in relation to a sponsored post.

The article content that we’d like to publish will be based upon the News theme of the website and will include a resource link through to our client’s blog post as a reference.

The client is an online casino – however, there is no promotional content on their landing page so would that be ok?

How much would this cost?


It’s not ok, of course, and we told them the same. The SKWAWKBOX has promoted campaigns to protect people from addictive gambling machines.

More importantly we value the trust readers place in us too highly to compromise it – and the mission is too important. It’s why we don’t have ads on the SKWAWKBOX – instead we rely on the support of readers.

But it’s telling about the state of the established media that marketing companies consider it routine for outlets to accept ‘payment for placement’ in this way – an informal canvas of some other independent left media revealed many such approaches. All  were rejected.

Perhaps that’s part of what makes the new left media seemingly so threatening to the Establishment. They think everything’s for sale and not everything is.


  1. People turn to you because of your integrity – real integrity cannot be bought – good for you!! They won’t get it of course, if they did they wouldn’t have asked in the first place.

  2. Why would they want access to your site?

    Probably because you have been a consistent and unwavering supporter of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. Against incredible odds, Mr. Corbyn is now highly likely to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

    Which puts this site in a highly beneficial position regarding access to the next Labour Government.

  3. Professional scam artists wanting to promote their deceit on this site? Might as well try and promote a butchers at a vegan society meeting.

  4. Hey Skwarkbox,

    Batted to the boundary with a straight bat displaying panache and honesty. And Skwarkbox are still there at the crease ready to face the very next ball and knock it out of the cricket ground. Integrity pays because people migrate towards truth not lies, and your following is expanding quickly.

    The well-prepared crew of Lil’ Red will soon set sail around our shores flying her scarlet banner with pride and great effect. It is inevitable, merely a matter of time before The Tatty Tory and The Theresa May are dispatched from UK waters by Captain Cannonball Corbyn once and for all. There is no room in politics for pirates.

    Keep up the great Skwarkbox! Your future is bright, it is coloured red 😉



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