Losing right-wingers physically assault left in council selection

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The selection of Labour council candidates in Southall Broadway area continues to cause mayhem that exposes the reality under the surface of the laughable term ‘Labour moderate’.

In July, the SKWAWKBOX covered the serious allegations against an LCF (Local Campaign Forum) official, who was accused of a homophobic and racist attempt to force members to deselect a white member they had voted for.

Those allegations caused the meeting to be annulled by the regional HQ – effectively giving the accused official the result she had wanted. No action appears to have been taken against her.

Last night the shortlisting meeting was rerun – and was an even bigger debacle.

A Southall Broadway officer messaged members:

I am very disappointed to post this from Southall Braodway. Tonight’s meeting was a shameful and absolutely disgusting act by right-wingers and establishment who wanted to show how they could bulldoze their will over members.

Police were called to the meeting after Kim Nagpal (sister of Cllr Nagpal) who assaulted me after the result was announced that members have overwhelmingly rejected her sister to be our next Councillor. She let out her anger by attacking me.

She was arrested and only released after she apologised to me for attacking me. It was so depressing and frustrating to see [the regional officer] taking sides with the right-wingers and he was being extremely biased.

After Nagpal’s attack on me and on another elderly member he announced meeting is going to be cancelled. He even threatened to have candidates imposed on us. What we experienced last month at hands of [the LCF Chair] is nothing compare to what we had tonight.


Its not first time she has been abusive, aggressive and disruptive. She gave me her apology in writing this time.

Her behaviour was highly unacceptable and unprofessional. She has been fully supported by her councillor sister. I m reporting both of them and complaining to Region. However, I have very little faith in Region, as the Deputy Regional Director who was also present in the meeting was totally biased and taking their side.

Instead of getting Kim Nagpal shut down and telling her off for her continuous disruptive behaviour , he allowed her to keep raising her voice and shouting loudly.

She also nearly attacked an elderly and disabled party member who was being shouted at by her father too.

In Southall Broadway, we have been fighting for fairness and transparency for a very long time. We have faced hurdles all the way. We have been threatened with suspension and having candidates imposed on us if we didn’t select right-wing candidates and their allies.

It is unfortunate that we have to put up a fight within our own party rather then facing and challenging Tories. Perhaps some personalities are more powerful then institutions and systems.

He told Skwawkbox:

Its not first time she has been abusive, aggressive and disruptive. She gave me her apology in writing this time.

Sadly, the severity of the incidents in Southall Broadway are all that distinguishes them from others that the SKWAWKBOX receives regularly from all over the country. The Labour right, recognising that control of local structures is key to maintaining their control at the top of the party, appears unwilling to let democracy take its course – at least without a fight.

Sometimes literally.

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  1. this is the sort of behaviour we suffered from the right in the 80s meetings were unpleasant and drove ordinary members away we ended with Blair parachuted in the rest is history.

  2. So WHAT exactly is McNicol and the disciplinary committee now doing re this series of incidents , the silence is deafening !!!

  3. There appears to be systemic corruption at the Regional level of the Labour Partu which is being driven by right wing party managers.

    This corruption is not being addressed by the current General Secretary of the party, Iain McNicol. In fact, it is arguable that Iain McNicol is responsible for encouraging and authorising this corruption.

    It is time for Mr McNicol to step down and be replaced by a General Secretary who will address and root out this corruption within the Labour Party.

  4. Fake news as ever on this site – the Regional Director wasn’t even in the meeting. Would be nice if this site checked its facts occasionally

    1. That’s a quote, quoted faithfully. The only information added by this blog states, accurately, [regional officer] – name redacted. Shoddy try, ‘Frank’ – but maybe you’ll do better next time.

  5. I agree with Mr Iqbal:

    “It is unfortunate that we have to put up a fight within our own party rather then facing and challenging Tories. Perhaps some personalities are more powerful than institutions and systems.”

    Although, maybe Mr McNicol has a different agenda, and doesn’t much care about his the damage he is doing to the Party or see the importance of, and necessity for everyone to pull together for the good of the many.


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