Sarwar ‘set to stand for ScotLab leadership’


Senior Labour insiders have told the SKWAWKBOX that Labour ‘moderate’ and former deputy leader Anas Sarwar is almost certain to stand for the newly-vacated leadership of Scottish Labour.

Sarwar attended a private grammar school and caused controversy in 2014 by opting to send his son to the same school. He appears to be a fan of private provision, as he is also understood to use private dental services.

He is likely to be viewed extremely unfavourably by pro-Corbyn majority of members, as his resignation as deputy leader allowed the disastrous Jim Murphy to stand as leader, with Kezia Dugdale standing for deputy on a gender-balanced ticket. As this positioned Dugdale for the leadership she has now resigned, he is therefore seen by many as having played a role in the accession of two failed leaders.

Two pro-Corbyn candidates are in the running to stand for the Labour left and discussions have already begun. News to follow.

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  1. The Labour Party made gains in Scotland thanks to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party manifesto which Mr Corbyn put forward.

    It achieved those gains in spite of the inept and tin-eared leadership of the anti-Corbyn centrist, Kezia Dugdale.

    The idea of replacing Dugdale with another anti-Corbyn centrist, Anas Sarwar, at such a critical moment in Scottish politics is simply absurd.

    If Anas stands he will be placing his own career interests above the electoral interests of the Labour Party. The voters of Scotland are looking for politicians who stand for something. They are not looking for centrists who stand for nothing but the interests of the donor class.

    If Anas stands the Labour Party will be at risk of losing the gains they have just made, which will make victory at the next General Election very difficult indeed.

    If he does stand it will be further evidence that the centrists in the Labour Party would prefer to lose at the ballot box to the Conservatives and SNP than to implement the Labour Party manifesto which was endorsed by almost 13 million voters at the General Election in June.

    1. I think your conditional hypotheses are right on all counts. He’d be useless in a forthcoming GE so he’s perfect for the Blairite’s better-blue-than-red strategy north of the border.

      An uncomfortable reminder that S-Lab is still trapped in the 1997 cesspit.

      It’ll be interesting to see how the ‘moderates’, both north and south of the border, try to rig the leadership slate to avoid what would otherwise be a wipeout when the membership get to state its preference.

      McNicol, Watson, Kinnock, Mandelson, Campbell etc. will doubtless have some suggestions for their fellow travellers. Now there’s a WhatsApp chat group I’d like to see leaked!

  2. If nothing else, it will at least be interesting to see just how badly he does up against a candidate that fully embraces the much needed direction the party is now going in under Jeremy Corbyn.

  3. You must be joking! This man only gets elected because he uses business contacts to seem more important/popular than he is. 2015 GE Glasgow Central, won by Alison Thewliss but contested by Sarwar. All the Asian bods standing at the entrance to polling stations with us (I was SNP) were paid to be there. Some had come from quite far afield and we’re business contacts not supporters. He’d be hopeless but all the Asian community will vote for him! Guaranteed

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  4. He comes accross as a carpet bagger and gravy train rider. He is a title collector who is not in touch with the real electorate. We need a strong down to earth leader in Scotland who can speak the language of ordinary people. If I lived in Scotland I Would consider standing but Scotland needs a Scottish leader. We can make inroads on regaining our base support.

  5. People of Scotland (LP members especially)

    Never forget that Sarwar was one of those what abstained on the bedroom tax repeal vote. In fact he went to give a speech in a Pakistani college rather than vote…


    So, if you want an end to austerity then, look elsewhere, because sarwar isn’t arsed. As .MSP John Wilson stated: “Anas Sarwar once again highlights the hypocrisy of the Labour Party – talking of social justice and defending public services while sending his own child to a private school.”.

  6. Oh, he’ll stand all right. Unfortunately the best 2 left-wing possibilities, Neil Findlay and Alex Rowley have both said they won’t stand. Apart from James Kelly, there only seems to be a first-time MSP, Richard Leonard, and the dreaded Jackie Baillie to stand against him. Personally, I hope Baillie gets in. It would do the case for independence no end of good.

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