Child-abuse revelations: Establishment backlash begins


The SKWAWKBOX published earlier this week two articles relating to the terrible scandal of child abuse in the UK and the sham of the government’s inquiry.

The first related that a serving Chief Constable of a UK police force had been accused of – and interviewed under caution about – involvement in sexual abuse of children, yet was still in post, in spite of numerous missed deadlines promised by the authorities for a decision on prosecution.

The second showed the extent of the control exercised by the Home Office over the responses that panel members were allowed to give to a formal parliamentary committee, raising serious doubts about any semblance of independence, transparency and openness. More than one mainstream media outlet is now preparing its own articles.

Predictably, it didn’t take long for the Establishment to start pushing back in an ugly fashion.

Anonymous troll accounts – in fact, worse than trolls – have begun a smear campaign on social media attempting to attack the credibility of a key whistleblower who exposed issues with the inquiry and, even more unforgivably, of a victim of terrible abuse.

At least one of these provocateur accounts is run by someone with a sinister history of stalking – including arrest – and who is known to have connections to key Establishment figures, including at least one who has expressed controversial views about sexual consent and a history of accusations of online and offline bullying. All have the vile tone of the bully.

The SKWAWKBOX does not intend to give oxygen to the smears or to the smearers. But if you read accusations online or off about whistleblower Sharon Evans or child-abuse survivors, reach for a huge pinch of salt.

The speed and vehemence of the backlash only strengthen the credibility of the accusations and revelations. The Establishment must be worried.

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  1. There are serious concerns with IICSA. Apparently survivor accounts are being sent to Academics to have the checked for ‘authentitcity’. There are also worrying inaccurate recordings of survivor testimony – implying that their abuse is made up. Breaches of data protection and exploitation. Really worrying. Survivors being treated appalling if they express concerns or try to change things. They are silenced, treated in a patronising fashion by the solicitors and staff. Its awful.

    Home office said they can’t do anything as Home Affairs committee isnt in existence at the moment. It all seems a mass cover up.

  2. I am not at all surprised by your revelations about the troll empire that is effectively trying to support paedophiles by rubbishing anybody suggesting that there is a serious problem with child sexual abuse in this country today.
    Having investigated the issue for Exaro before it was closed and still commenting on my blog on child sexual abuse issues I have also been the target of vile trolling by some of the people you have indicated are behind this action. One survivor who used his compensation to set up his own charity to help others was subjected to targeted attacks and investigations from the authorities including the Charity Commission, his local health trust and a university – all because of false complaints by one of these people. They even suggested he was responsible for the murder of one of the people he helped who was killed in a tragic house fire – just because he left some money to his charity to help others. Luckily it cut no ice with the police..
    Just for your readers information the one troll who was arrested and had his house searched – is desperately trying to get all reports of this removed from the net – and despite me updating the tale – to include the fact that no further action was taken – is currently trying to bring legal action to silence anyone who dares suggest it happened.

    1. David, would you agree with me that private eye has been a let-down in their views on recent Westminster CSA allegations (e.g. heath, brittan etc)

      I’ve read several blogs (Including exaronews) which have led me to the conclusion that there are paedophile rings at the very top echelons of society; and enough evidence (circumstantial or otherwise) that people have been ‘silenced’ , so I’m quire disappointed by “Eye’s” stance and reporting on this matter.

      Sure, they were right about anglesea, but (Especially as an investigative journal) to outrightly dismiss higher-profile cases and pour scorn on victims (potential or otherwise) and those reporting on allegations is very disappointing to me.

      1. PPS

        I meant to have wrote ‘Pour scorn on alleged victim’s claims’.

      2. I must agree with you – Private Eye seems to be following the Establishment line with this one. While child sexual abuse is extremely difficult to report – and to know the full facts properly- my view is that paedophile rings or at least loose associations of people did exist at the top level of society and there is still unfinished business to report. At the moment the msm take the view that appalling child sexual abuse and grooming does exist but somehow prominent people are immune from taking part. This is untenable.

      3. Yes, indeed. Very remiss of the msm to be ridiculing and dismissing out of hand claims and reports – no matter how outlandish they may be – just adding fuel to the fire of the trolls, while unwittingly (?) allowing this abuse to continue in certain circles (Westminster corridors).

        Small wonder victims are loathe to come forward.

        There also seems to me to be an underlying, subliminal message from the msm that we somehow ought to be grateful that so-called ‘celebrities’ are being thrown under the bus; therefore giving the impression something’s being done about it. Well that’s totally unsatisfactory as well as insufficient.

        What I find even more disgusting than the msm tactic is the strategy employed by some of trying to confuse consent between adults and rape of children of the same sex (Not that it matters, they’re children) and try to make a public perception of it being some sort of homosexual witch-hunt. (It simply isn’t).

        cameron mentioned as much in that schofield interview, and proctor certainly played on it in his cringeworthy speech. .

  3. David, myself and my partner who the SuperTroll Gang you refer to, especially the one trying to remove all trace of what he is responsible for is also our abuser, all archived evidence currently with the police. I published this video on ‘Spurious Allegations’ the other day and Jonathan Sawyer suddenly stopped everyone commenting. This appeared on the man you refer to blog site and he was ordered to take it down by his SuperTroll Mistress, but it is now with police and the Liberal Democrats, it makes very interesting reading and we all know who the redacted names are
    The there is this one, very creepy, the same troll gang members discussing the missing body of a dead 16 year old girlhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHK9b5CA4q4

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