Williamson’s video is an education on the wider causes of #Grenfell tragedy

Shadow Fire and Emergency Services Minister has issued a new video that gives a brilliant short history of the societal, economic and political causes of the Grenfell Tower disaster – which are firmly rooted in the failed politics of the past 40 years.

If you want an overview of the decline in our societal values and processes that led to the terrible loss of life in Grenfell Tower in June, you can get an excellent one here in under four minutes.

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10 responses to “Williamson’s video is an education on the wider causes of #Grenfell tragedy

  1. …and it’s also time to say goodbye to the remnants of elected Blairism still infecting Labour councils up and down the country, and which is causing these abusers to enrich their pitiful Tory-lite existences, whilst dodging their responsibilities.

    A full root and branch clear-out is now due. Educating people in the way Chris has just done will enable good people to put this into action at the ballot box.

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  2. I am looking forward to plain speaking, intelligent and principled people like Chris Williamson becoming ministers in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour government.

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  4. Labour needs many more MPs like Chris Williamson… no nonsense MPs getting the big message out clearly and succinctly. We have a structural problem under the neoliberal ideology and it is only going to get worse under May, even with her weak government much damage is still being done as the neoliberal project pushes ahead under the radar and agenda of MSM. NHS sell off continues as well as embedding public-private-third sector collaboration deepening the unaccountability problem across all public sectors. Policy is largely being devised by ‘think tanks’ and private entities, made up of mainly appointed, unelected people and often funded by or linked to private vested interests. The incentives are all based on cost cutting and profit. These incentives have no place in the public sector and lead to a culture of systemic corruption emboldened by unaccountability.

    This excellent video needs the voice-music balance adjusted though, Chris’ voice needs to be clearer/louder as the music drowns him out too much. I am impressed he is using appropriate words such as ‘violent’ to describe neoliberal policies.

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  5. Perfect…. a clear concise and intelligent message that can easily be understood. But the background sound/music is drowning out Chris’ voice towards the end and should be adjusted.
    Lots of these sorts of videos need producing and releasing, ones that get the message straight to the people.
    Bravo Chris.


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  7. […] root: Williamson’s picture is an didactics on the wider causes of #Grenfell cataclysm […]
    This splendid picture needs the voice-music Balance familiarised though, Chris’ voice needs to be clearer/louder as the music drowns him out too much.


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