Video: do you recognise man who pushed woman into path of bus?

Shocking video footage released this morning shows a jogger on Putney Bridge in London deliberately push a female passer-by into the path of an oncoming bus:

Police are looking for help to identify the jogger who committed the crime, which took place in May:

putney jogger

The victim suffered minor injuries but could easily have been killed were it not for the incredible reactions of the bus driver in managing to swerve in time to miss her by inches.

If you recognise the attacker, please call 101 or if you wish to remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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  2. If you watch the video carefully, using the pause button, you can see it’s not what it seems in real-time. The woman apparently tries to kick the jogger before he pushes her away; then she falls to the ground because she has her leg raised. It looks like she attacked him, not the other way around.

    1. Didn’t look anything like that. Start the video from 25 seconds and leave the cursor there to replay it a few times. The woman’s right leg isn’t in any way raised, but splays out once she’s pushed.

      No excuses. That’s attempted murder.

    2. @ Anthony , altho it does initially look like that , but in slow motion , the jogger had already collided with her , this motion appears to spin her around on her left leg , the right leg then flying out to try and maintain balance , before see finally falls into the path of the bus .
      What I can’t understand is why, on a relatively clear footpath , did this collision happen between the two people in the first place?


    3. @Antony

      In fact, if you look closely, as you claim to have done, you’ll notice that, in the seconds before contact, the jogger can be clearly seen angling to his right to line himself up with the woman, At the moment of contact, he shoves her bodily with his right hand, twisting his torso to the right. At no point do they actually actually bump into each other or collide in the conventional sense.

      Given the jogger’s clear view ahead, plenty of space on the path and the fact that the jogger shoves the woman bodily into the path of traffic, that was 100% intentional.

      He’s for the high jump.

      1. The kick isn’t easy to see because her raised leg is in the line of sight to the jogger, but occurs before they make contact. Before the moment of contact you see her with her left leg forward, in a normal walking posture, then at the point of the visible shove you see her right leg flailing, but in between there is a frame where her right leg is not clearly visible because that is the moment of the kick and it merges in the image with the figure of the jogger.

        I don’t think the jogger’s change of course beforehand is clear-cut or necessarily significant. The shove that you describe is obviously visible, with his left arm also moved across, but the kick from the woman occurs before that. It appears to me that he reacts to the kick by pushing her away which causes her to fall to the ground.

        It’s regrettable that not everyone can discuss this in a civilised manner. I am referring to another poster who seems to think capitals gives his posts extra merit.

    4. The womans’ legs are just walking. She doesn’t kick out at all. The arrogant jogger probably didn’t realise the bus was coming, but that’s no excuse. He endangered her life because of his arrogance. In the end he will probably just get a warning. What are the odds this guy votes Tory?


  3. Given that he pushed her into the path of a bus if/ when he is caught the correct charge would be “attempted murder” – anything less would be letting him off lightly.

  4. Jesus Christ! I was just about to comment saying it would help if the headline even just hinted at the location so that people could decide whether it was worth clicking. Obviously someone living near to him may be more likely to recognise and identify him. But regardless, people need to see this! What an utter shitbag this guy is! So nonchalantly attempting to end someone’s life, or worse, cause them severe pain and suffering for the rest of their days. Complete psychopath.

  5. Wow!
    I was in Narrow Street some years ago walkiing along on a quiet sunday morning when suddenly a jogger ran straight into me. I had seen him further down the road and was in conversation with a friend when suddenly I was knocked to the ground. As I stood up, shaken I noticed him up the road giving me the V-sign. I couldn’t run after him, partly through age and mainly because I had just come out of hospital following back surgery.
    I never thought I would see somebody else abused like this again but here we are – what is wrong with these psychpathic people? is this a London disease or are there other mad joggers about. I won’t tell you about the time two middle aged women cycled straight into me whilst I was on the pavement near Putney Bridge …deliberate, nasty … erm ..people for the want of a better word.

  6. This reminds me of what the present government is doing everyday to the population of this country

  7. what is the point of commenting here when true life stories of events are taken down?is this another site dedicated to the control of free expression?

  8. Still haven’t found the nutter, I bet he was a tourist and he’s back home now. He’s gotten off with potential murdering or disabling someone, a definite physcopath.

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