Cash-shortage isn’t all Progress is dying of. It has only 50/2382 young members

sinking progress.png
Progress: sinking under the weight of its irrelevance?

The ideas of progress and future tend to go hand in hand with that of youth. Young people are early adopters and will be around longer than the rest of us, by and large, so they’ll see more of the future.

So it’s ironic that the organisation that calls itself Progress has almost no youth members, as the Electoral Reform Services report of the organisation’s recent internal elections revealed:

ers progress.jpg

The precise criteria for ‘youth’ membership of Progress is not known, but in the Labour Party that it stalks, anyone 27 or under is a young member. So the fact that barely one in fifty Progress members falls into a similar age-group is eloquent testimony to its lack of appeal to young people.

Progress, which is scrabbling for funds after billionaire donor Lord Sainsbury pulled the plug, styles itself,

the leading organisation for political progressives.

But its ‘truth in advertising’ is questionable in view of the fact that young people flocked to support – and join – the Labour Party and/or Momentum in droves because of Labour’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn – to whom Progress is implacably opposed.

It seems lack of funds is not the organisation’s only problem, or even its biggest one. Its irrelevance and an inability to attract the interest of young people are at least as serious and arguably more so.

If it dies, few indeed will mourn its passing.

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  1. Chair = Alison McGovern MP

    ◻️Councillor in Southwark
    ◻️Worked for Gordon Brown
    ◻️Forced upon the voters of South Wirral in 2010
    ◻️Despises Jeremy Corbyn
    ◻️Currently trying to scrounge public cash from the Tories to smarten up New Ferry following a gas explosion… er, after neglecting the area continually and letting the local high street become a ghost town, whilst concentrating on her own career elsewhere.

    What could go wrong for the idiotically named “Progress” with her at the helm?

    1. Almost makes me grateful we’re lumbered with angela illeagle…

      Nah, I’m kiddin’ meself 😛

  2. After undermining the Labour Party in the run up to GE2017, Progress then somewhat bizarrely claimed it had made a “significant” contribution to Labour’s fantastic results.

    This information about its membership numbers proves that claim to be utterly false.

    Only one reasonable conclusion can be drawn from the qualitative and quantative data available: Progress is an electoral liability to the Labour Party.

    An obvious action follows that conclusion. The Labour Party should immediately disassociate itself from Progress.

  3. Given the incessant society-wrecking shite spewed out by the toxic Tories, it’s a mild comfort at least to know there’s always some ‘feel good’ respite to be found in MandelBlair’s Progress(Ltd).

  4. 2382. Is that the total membership? If so, that would be about 10% of the membership of Momentum and 0.5% of the Labour Party.

    1. It’s not just about Momentum’s 23000 members, it’s also about Momentum’s 200,000 supporters, the vast majority of whom are Labour party members, and who’ve signed up for Momentum emails and provided their contact details.

      When Momentum mobilises for anything (e.g. campaigns, branch / CLP / conference votes etc.), the call goes out to everyone on the contact database, members *and* supporters.

      Momentum members tend to be the ones who organise to get people out for important votes but supporters are often the majority of the turnout, simply because there’s so many of them =)

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