City paper mocks crowdfunding delegates – just doesn’t ‘get it’

Liverpool newspaper The Liverpool Echo has published an article mocking (if only in the headline) the delegates selected by Garston and Halewood (G&H) CLP (constituency Labour party) – for crowdfunding the costs of their attendance at this year’s vital annual Conference in Brighton:

echo crowdfund

Clearly the newspaper and its reporter don’t understand how the ‘collective‘ – which we saw beautifully in action this week in the case of ‘different barrister’ Duncan Shipley Dalton crowdfunding for his bar exam costs so he can help Labour members – works as a core principle of a socialist Labour party.

A majority of Labour members and supporters are delighted to at least have the opportunity to support anything that will advance the left-wing cause to help bring about a Labour government and start righting the many wrongs the Tories have inflicted on our society – as the paper itself tacitly acknowledges when it admits the delegates have already achieved 64% of their fundraising target.

The crowdfunding has been organised by delegate Val Colvin, who became an internet phenomenon during last year’s leadership contest when she appeared in a red Corbyn t-shirt behind challenger Owen Smith during his infamous ‘ice cream van’ visit to Liverpool – and ended up photoshopped into images of Peter Mandelson and other right-wing figures:


The newspaper might not get it, but the SKWAWKBOX and its readers do – and we’ve helped Bristol and others crowdfund for their own delegates and other projects. The G&H crowdfunding page closes on Monday evening, so if you’d like to help the delegates fill the final 36% of their target, you can do so here.

The SKWAWKBOX is provided free of charge but depends on the generosity of its readers to be viable. If you can afford to, please click here to arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal. Thanks for your support so this blog can keep bringing you information the Establishment would prefer you not to know about.


  1. It’s hypocritical of the Liverpool Echo to refer to the area of “who should be paying for what”… when we can clearly see that owner organisation Trinity Mirror are not averse to buying meals and football tickets for hard right Labour councillors. In this case the dishonest (I have proof) leader of abusive (I have more proof) Wirral Council, Councillor Phil Davies:


    Given it’s ongoing betrayal of the people of Merseyside in other areas, we’re left to wonder what the kickbacks and returns of favour may have been?

    It’s just one example, but this kind of sordid behaviour would not be indulged in if the Trinity Mirror board of capitalist execs didn’t expect a return on their investments.

  2. I love the community spirit of the Labour Party’s ‘Left’. It really does bode well for the country if Jeremy Corbyn is elected PM at the next
    general election.

    If we all pull together, we can and will succeed in building a country that’s fit to live in. I can’t wait!

  3. I wonder if the Liverpool Echo will ever talk about the donor balls the Tories hold.
    G&H were told there was no money in the Kitty and that they could send only one delegate to conference, with 1500 members they are entitled to six. This blog has already covered the reasons why CLPs tried to cut back on delegates, G&H decided at a CLP meeting that they wanted the full compliment and felt it unfair that those chosen should have to pay the full cost. the crowd funding was a great way to cover the cost
    for their attendance. It is hoped next year the CLP will be able to cover the cost of all the delegates by organising from now.

  4. The kopite echo…Nowt more than fat pederast protector, tory-in-all-but-name joe anderson’s trumpet. They still allow nuttall’s PR woman (lynda roughley) space, after what she (‘s meant to have, I very much doubt it WAS her) wrote about nuttall being a Hillsborough ‘survivor’.

    Small wonder circulation’s dropped over the years. Like most newspapers – wouldn’t wipe me ‘arris with it.

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