Tories promised to abolish #tuitionfees. Where’s THAT in media now?

The Tories’ unseemly attempts to ignore conclusive evidence this week in order to try to start a ‘scandal’ over a supposed Labour u-turn on student debt has been embarrassing for them and speaks volumes about their dishonesty, lack of integrity – and desperation.

It’s also grossly hypocritical and not just because the Tories were u-turning on their u-turns and – for the first time in history – scrapping their manifesto even before the election and dropped most of what little was left in it after the vote.

It’s doubly hypocritical because the Tories chose student finance as the topic of their u-turn smear – when they previously promised to abolish tuition fees when they were in opposition.

As everyone knows, that hasn’t happened. Instead the Tories have massively increased tuition fees – and are planning to increase them further, unless they are forced to drop that plan, too.

In 2003, a young George Osborne wrote a letter to a constituent about the issue of tuition fees:

osborne tuition

A tax on learning and unfair

the Conservatives have just announced that we will scrap tuition fees altogether when we are next in Government.


Of course, this is not news. It was covered widely in the media in May last year, when Osborne was still Chancellor. But it’s unquestionably relevant to the issue of the Tories’ shameless lies now – and, as far as can be seen, it has been unmentioned by media all too happy to repeat and rehash the Tories’ demonstrably-false accusations.

Go figure.

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  1. There is only one possible conclusion that can be drawn from this.

    Either our establishment embedded media is staffed by completely incompetent dullards with the collective memory span of a goldfish, or it is completely corrupt.

    Take your pick.

  2. Their would be no debt to furure students when we abolish the fees.The prolem the debt arose was due to the condems bringing it in,the students accrued the debts because of them.

  3. The Tories are just testing their kit , seeing what happens when they use their Murdoch Dacre Barclays Desmond Osborne CCO machine
    Gibbs is re sighting his artillery

  4. Tories lie whenever it is expedient. Always have and probably always will. The power of the press is diminishing and Tories are under the spotlight more than ever before. Not before time either.

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