Chris W’s latest ‘week in Westminster’ video: zombies, tuition fees and more

Derby North MP and Labour front-bencher Chris Williamson has continued his excellent ‘week in Westminster’ video series with a new offering that talks about the zombie government – complete with special effects – Grenfell, tuition fees, Tory arrogance and more.

Absolutely worth watching and sharing so people can see what’s really going on in Westminster and how out of touch and just plain unpleasant the Tories are.

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  1. “Doesn’t she think the chancellor should do the right thing, and apologise?”

    No, John; the right thing to do is give them the wage increase they deserve. ‘Sorry’ means f-all from those vermin.

    Talking of vermin….WTF is it with foxhunting? There’s far more important matters to be dealing with than a bunch of toffs chasing a fox ffs. Bliar’s govt spent far too much parliamentary time on that issue, while furtively sneaking through the backdoor thousands of laws that restricted our liberties & rights. Yes – Thousands of laws in the years it took to get foxhunting banned.

    Now I’m against foxhunting, and the class issues that go with it, but I wish people would PLEASE wake up and concentrate on more pressing matters involving the human misery that these bastards are inflicting upon us.

    Who’s welfare’s the most important – Basil Brush’s, or your neighbour’s?

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