#WestminsterBubble journos chat on #WhatsApp. Now THAT’s interesting

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Ever have the feeling that a lot of Westminster journalists are a bit too pally? Ever suspect that the way the same slanted narrative pops up in multiple publications – the current fake-furore over Labour’s student debt non-promise is a case in point – might not be coincidental?

You might be right. One of the lamest of right-wing publications made an interesting, inadvertent admission this afternoon when it teased Times journalist Matt Chorley about his claim to have been on Twitter for 13 years:

chorley whatsapp.png

WhatsApp is an encrypted group chat application – and ‘colleagues’, rather than ‘Times colleagues’ suggests the traffic may not be just among people working at the same publication.

WhatsApp is substantially more secure than emails, so if you were wanting to swap info, co-ordinate stories and narratives etc, it would be the logical choice. It’s a technology that worries Home Secretary Amber Rudd, in case terrorists use it – but its use by the Establishment for 1984-style message co-ordination would worry many people just as much.

Not conclusive, of course, and the SKWAWKBOX intends no implication that Mr Chorley himself has done anything untoward.

But the idea that mainstream journalists are swapping encrypted messages is certainly interesting – and would explain a lot…

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  1. WhatsApp is just one more social media platform. I’m sure it’s used by those of the right, left and centre.

    No cause for alarm or paranoia.

    Move on, move on, nothing to see ….

  2. He bears an astonishing resemblance to Alfred E Neuman of Mad magazine fame! He was something of a cartoon figure too!

  3. I’m sure I read somewhere a few weeks back that there’s a group/committee of tory MP’s communicating with each other via whatsapp. Might’ve been one of them three doing brexit; or gove was mentioned in the write-up.

    I wonder would their messages be open to scrutiny by the security services, like rudd wants for us plebs?

  4. Steve, there is an even older application where these people square their stories. It was invented by no-one, only occasionally branded, developed over centuries not years, and is home grown. It is known colloquially as “the pub”, occasionally, as in hard-core use(think John Pienaar) as “the boozer”. 😉

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