Watch: Hammond refuses to deny saying public sector overpaid

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Chancellor Philip Hammond is on a (blighted, Tory) roll at the moment. Fresh from insulting more than half the world’s population – and every train driver – by saying, according to press reports, that driving a train was “so easy even a woman could do it” and letting slip that the Tory Cabinet is riven by infighting over Brexit, Hammond was on the hook again this morning.

Hammond was asked directly by the BBC’s Andrew Marr whether he had in fact said that public sector workers are overpaid. That’s firefighters, NHS staff, police – and the hundreds of thousands of people who organise our refuse collections, lift the bins, sweep the roads and do all the countless, vital tasks to maintain our society.

The people Hammond’s party have impoverished in real terms by around 15% since 2010.

His response?

I’m not going to talk about what was or wasn’t said in a Cabinet meeting and it’s easy to quote a phrase out of context:

That’d be a yes then.

Hammond then went on to try to deflect attention by blaming those who had leaked what he said – but his refusal to deny the statement makes it absolutely clear:

This incompetent, aloof, grey, rich non-entity – who’d faint if he had to do a tenth of a day’s real work that a public servant takes in her or his stride daily – thinks they’re all overpaid.

And was arrogantly stupid enough to actually put that thought into words.

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  1. Yes, any of those jobs – failing to mention road building and crop picking while he was at it – are “so easy” that a (poorly paid, ZHC) woman could do them. One wonders what jobs he thinks should be reserved for “the boys”, eh? His arrogance insults us all, but especially women, and shows what the “Henry VIII” Great reform Bill is going. Perhaps he has attended too many dinner parties?


  2. EveryTory government is the same they hate council workers and try to privatise as much council work as they can so no surprise that that’s what comes out of a Tory chancellor’s mouth

  3. This incompetent, aloof, grey, rich non-entity – who’d faint if he had to do a tenth of a day’s real work that a public servant takes in her or his stride daily – thinks they’re all overpaid.

    That’s the problem with loads of MP’s – Like the royals, they’ve never done a day’s graft in their lives.

    Hammond looks like he’d faint in a strong breeze, the anaemic looking dullard. And you thought john major looked grey?

  4. The problem with this is that is probably not just his view, it is probably all of his lot’s view, mix them with the current lot, sprinkle in a bit of boris, shovel in some strong and stable with a potent ids/grayling mix backed up by a pretty red bus of lies and what do you have a red bus of goons, frightening that this lot are trying to run or ruin a country when really they should be given tassels and bells and do morris dancing, harmless fun and entertaining, they probably get that wrong.

    times of austerity really 1.5 billion anyone, where that little lot come up from

    the likes of him are overpaid, take away there perks, stick them in public transport, make them walk to work or use the boris bikes, sell of the house of parliament booze collection, make them flat share in london, they can fly budget airlines and end there expenses culture as well, there summer recess, well they should go out and do real work in the voluntary sector working in the misery they cause.

    this is just a sad epitome of a tory, have another vote and they would certainly know it

    The nasty, horrible, unnacountable tory, lying party now that sounds better than strong and stable and is probably more truthfull

  5. Exactly what we have come to expect from Conservatives. Feather their own nests but don’t care for their own workforce. Civil Servants were restricted to 1% pay rise but MPs (are they not the “ultimate” public servants) award themselves 1.4%. Snouts and troughs come to mind.

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