Exclusive: queue forming for tilt at Watson as Labour deputy leader

thornberry butler.png
3 of Labour’s great front-bench women: L-R Angela Rayner, Emily Thornberry and Dawn Butler

Things move fast in politics, these days more than ever. Just yesterday, the SKWAWKBOX reported on the re-emergence of rumours of a challenge for the deputy leadership by Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, after Ms T’s stellar performance standing in for Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions).

Today, Corbyn and his team were in Brussels, meeting EU negotiators and even presenting Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier with his own, customised Arsenal shirt as part of establishing good relations between the EU team and the UK’s PM-in-waiting:

But that didn’t stop a senior source giving the SKWAWKBOX an update on the deputy leadership situation, telling this blog:

After seeing the reaction to her PMQs performance and the level of support she could command, Emily is giving serious thought to a challenge and wouldn’t have to struggle too much to achieve the nominations she’d require.

And that wasn’t the end of the news. Fellow Labour front-bencher Dawn Butler, Shadow Minister for Diverse Communities since Corbyn’s post-election shuffle, is also said to be prepared to challenge Watson.

It is unlikely, of course, that both women would make a bid at the same time, because of the risk of splitting the vote of Labour’s massive left-wing majority.

Tom Watson will be getting even more fidgety, with good reason.

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  1. It’s impossible to split the vote if you are using an AV system, they could both stand and I presume that nearly all lefties would have one of them as first choice and the other second. So whichever one does best out of the two will get the votes from the other one in the second round.

  2. What worries me though is the current tendancy for Ministers, of all parties, to “turn gangster” on their own Leader/Party if they’re demoted. And unfortunately, in my opinion, no-one is more likely to take this attitude than Tom Watson.

    1. Worthy thoughts grovemistress but we have tried keeping him inside the tent pissing about and it’s not been good so therefore it may be just slightly better to kick him outside the tent and have him piss on it from there with less effect hopefully

  3. Emily is stunning in the house she is courageous, honest, challenging and skilled, and would be an ideal candidate for the First woman labour PM to Follow in the footsteps of a PM JC.

  4. Tom Watson has repeatedly and intentionally damaged the reputation of the Labour Party.

    He is a complete liability to the party.

    It is time for him to place the interests of the party above his own personal ambition and step down.

  5. Tom Watson is a nasty piece of work.

    It is sickening he is still deputy leader.

    I have many people ask me why he is still deputy leader.

    If he can be removed that will be excellent news.

    And if he is de-elected even better news.

    He is a disgrace, the soonest he goes the better.

  6. Watson is a serial resigner, if he knew these rumours were true he’d resign, he may be a liability but he’s not stupid, he knows he’s lost the majority of his support and would lose a contest against either Ms Thornberry and Ms Butler. I like both women, but on this occasion, if I would definitely vote for Emily I think h she’s brilliant and so loyal to Jeremy.

  7. I like emily Thornberry who I can see further down the line and Jeremy retiring, making a fabulous leader , she’s sharp as a needle and very witty , the Tories don’t understand witisism the look on their faces says it all she has my vote !

  8. Those three politicians on the front bench gave me so much heart, so much confidence and so much more faith in our REAL Labour Party.well done. Oh and the playful joyous way Emily took the hspless Tories apart entertained me no end. JC4PM.

  9. I quite like Angela Rayner, meself. Knows what ‘real life’ is about, and has had a ‘real’ job* , too.

    *Yes, Gideon – but you only lasted a week folding towels at Selfridges.

    1. ET or AR either will do and both would get my vote .The front bench just gets better and better long may it continue and the old guards can be stay on the back benches Cooper ,Ummbaaa et al .
      pleasent to have a reasonable debate for once without that idiot Hindson and his outrageous comments ehh Toffee !

  10. On camera Tom W. alongside Jeremy never looked as if he agreed with him. The least thing he could have done was show a United front. The public will stop believing the media smears about Jeremy’s leadership ability when they see intelligent encouraging faces alongside Jeremy on the front bench.

  11. As an 80 year old self employed professional salesman can I ask what is the position of Labour Party Members regarding a 2nd Referendum? Personally I see saying yes as political suicide!

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