Chris Williamson’s latest WiW video: #Grenfell, #paycap and more

Labour’s new Shadow Fire and Rescue Chris Williamson has instituted the excellent practice of a weekly video report giving his constituents and the wider electorate his take on the goings-on in Parliament – a practice every Labour MP should take up.

Here’s his latest report, which covers Tory suppression of fire safety reports before the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the government’s staggering arrogance toward public sector workers and the WASPI women, Theresa May’s ludicrous comments about Greece and more. Please watch, share and use the link below to follow his page on Facebook:

Chris’ Facebook page is here – follow to get notifications of each video as it’s published.

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  1. Brilliant concept and expertly done by Chris Williamson, whose “voice of the grassroots” credentials are without a single flaw.

    Do I spy a future people’s party leader?

  2. I was made redundant from my Adult Education teaching role, I was teaching VB and HTML programming languages. Getting over the upset took me several months. I thought that it would be nice for me, a woman in my late 50s, to try and obtain an apprenticeship with an employer, and try to gain some commercial experience and a job using my enthusiasm for programming and a different career direction away from Education, where I could use my evenings for family activities as opposed to marking, preparation and administrative tasks.

    At the time, I signed up to the government website for Apprenticeships and contacted many prospective employers… none of them were interested in taking on an apprentice who wasn’t a young person 18-24; the answer was negative everywhere here in London.

    The only apprenticeships for the over 50s are in the charity sector, who has come onto its own hiring people as Workfare provision with the promise of an apprenticeship at way below the minimum hourly wage. This Apprenticeship were for bad jobs not career changing jobs. The entire scheme is being made out by MPs to be a wonderful solution for careers… but instead it is more of the same exploitative Workfare industry with bogus bad jobs.

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