Video: expert breaks down as he tells of warning of ‘totally avoidable’ #Grenfell fire

Any doubt that the terrible – and still grossly understated – death toll in the Grenfell Tower fire was avoidable has been swept away by a bleak and deeply moving video interview by fire protection exp Arnold Tarling.

Mr Tarling breaks down in tears as he explains to an interviewer the warnings that he gave three years ago of major loss of life that would be caused if the type of panels used on Grenfell Tower were not outlawed – and of his reaction when he received a call in the early hours of 14 June to notify him of the blaze:

Another video shows just how flammable the HDPE (high density polyethylene) panels that Mr Tarling refers to are and how reckless the decision to encase a building containing hundreds of people in them. In just over 2 minutes a small fire turns into an uncontrollable blaze:

Mr Tarling is clearly a conscientious and compassionate man who feels deeply for the victims of the ‘totally avoidable’ disaster. He did his part to save lives – for the sake of those who died and those left behind, those who did not must be brought to account and the issue must not slip below the radar just because the ‘news cycle’ has begun to move on.

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  1. They weren’t HDPE panels, they were PUR. Still flammable, but not as flammable as HDPE. Fire resistant panels are available at a very slight increase in cost. These are made of mineral fibres, known generally as Rockwool.

  2. I am becoming angrier and angrier, whoever is responsible for this fire needs to face a criminal prosecution and of found guilty go to prison for corporate manslaughter, this cannot and must not go unpunished. Who was responsible for giving the go-ahead to save a measly £5K by NOT using fire retardant panels? Who gave rich residents in Kensington & Chelsea a £100 (council election bribe) rebate on their council tax because they had paid it on time, yet decided to scrimp on not having fire retardant panels?
    I hate the Conservative party with every fibre of my being, I hate everything they are and everything they stand for, there is nothing, no bribe imaginable that would persuade me to vote for those narcissistic murderers.

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