Video: #Grenfell resident ‘drops truth’ on #BBC re blog claims and shoddy works

As the SKWAWKBOX showed yesterday, Kensington and Chelsea council sent a threatening legal letter to the author of a blog who had highlighted the dangers facing residents at the ill-fated Grenfell Tower, demanding that he stop ‘harrassing’ the council.

grenfell truth.png
Emily Maitlis tries – and fails – to interrupt a brave Grenfell Action Group member

The BBC’s Emily Maitlis faced a clearly uncomfortable time as she interviewed two residents involved with the blog, trying to interrupt before the discussion could turn to the council’s alleged failings, its threatened legal action against residents and the shoddy standard of works in the Grenfell building – but the resident was not in a mood to be interrupted and lays out a catalogue of issues.

For legal reasons, the name of a company that she mentions has been removed, but the hard-hitting video from a brave, articulate lady needs to be seen so the tragedy at Grenfell Tower is understood in its proper context:

There are already signs that the Establishment may be starting to ‘circle the wagons’  to defend itself against the consequences of its actions and arrogance and the backlash resulting from the tragic loss of life, the injuries and the loss of homes that the Grenfell Action Group warned about for years – and was warned to stop ‘harassing’ the council about.

That must not be allowed to succeed.

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  1. Every one of these – whether still serving as MP’s or not – should be dragged to the public inquiry (Haven’t heard anything about it being an INDEPENDENT public enquiry, by the way) and made to tell us just why they voted against making rented properties fit for human habitation. Only then will the populace see what they’re truly about.


  2. And start with the mcvile-shagging philip davies – The ‘Accidental landlord’ , who tried (As is his wont) to filibuster the bill.

  3. It must not succeed. This is a Con’s government that doesn’t care at all about people. Must be brought to book without delay. Report it to police because it is Murder conspiracy with so many involved. Awful behaviour.

  4. Maybe we should go after those politicians who got rid of legal aid for those for whom it was designed, i.e. the poor. Now it is only available to the fabulously wealthy so that they can pursue libel actions against people who accuse them of screwing the poor.

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