#Grenfell: ‘there WAS a fire alarm – just not for people’ #LondonFire

Yet another astonishing revelation has emerged about the awful Grenfell Tower events this morning appears to lie in information shown on a company website but now deleted – presumably since news of the blaze hit the media.

Witt UK, a major manufacturer of industrial-scale fans and extraction systems, had a case-study on its website about its work on Grenfell Tower. That information shows that the building’s owners paid Witt to install an automatic alarm linked to the ventilation system during the 2016 refurbishment of the building.

An attempt to open the page now simply returns a ‘not found’ result:

witt not found.png

However, the WayBackMachine web archive still has the page and shows the details of the case-study:

witt wayback grenfell

To be absolutely clear, the SKWAWKBOX is not saying that either the information in this case study, nor its removal, in any way incriminate Witt. Manufacturers of fans and ventilation are not manufacturers of general fire alarms and attribution of responsibility will be the job of the inquiry that is expected to take place.

However, the page does appear to have been removed – and the archived version gives details of the functioning of the fire-alarm system:

witt alarm

The system is designed, as it should be, to isolate the central stairwell (the case study confirms there was only one, as the floor-plan indicates) from smoke in the event of a blaze.

However, residents who escaped the building insist that there was no audible fire alarm to alert residents. In fact, many attribute their escape to the alertness of Muslim residents, who were awake for their night-time Ramadan prayers when the blaze started:

indy grenfell.png

If these reports are accurate, then a building in which a considerable amount of money was spent on an automated system to trigger vents to close did not have an audible alarm to alert the human beings in the building.

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  2. I live in Council flat, they way Council Housing officers treat us incredibly rude and do not make sense. They never listen to us. It applied to the housing association, too. My friend lives in housing association and their treat their residences and preparing for the complaints are very low and rude. It seems a lot of pressure from the government not to spend money and time for residence. This government for seven years, they never care of many but a few as Labour’s slogan.

  3. I wonder how many of the survivors voted Brexit to stop Muslim immigration.

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