Exclusive: #Umunna talking to media but ‘already knocked back for ShadCab’

Former Labour front-bencher Chuka Umunna has been doing the media rounds this morning with some ‘indiscreet’ comments about the impact of last week’s General Election that have outraged many Labour supporters for what they perceive to be an attempt to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s success in increasing Labour’s vote in ‘leave’ constituencies as well as in those that voted to remain.

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Talking to Nick Ferrari, Umunna told LBC:

The Prime Minister called the election to get a mandate to pursue an extreme Brexit. She doesn’t have that.

Secondly, she ramped up the rhetoric about the prospects of perhaps no deal being better than a deal. And it’s clear that if they are to carry on with this arrangement with the DUP, that will be completely impossible. One of the big things for the DUP is for a soft border with the Republic. That will require a deal.

And thirdly, I cannot see how they will be able to get through, not just the deal, but the legislation to implement our withdrawal from the European Union through the House of Commons without a degree of crossparty support.

This changes absolutely everything and I’m delighted about that.

My worry was that a job-destroying Brexit that turns us in to the sweatshop of Europe would be an awful thing for my constituents. We’re now in a much better position to resist that.

These comments could be viewed as a subtle attempt to undermine the confidence of Brexit supporters in Labour’s commitment to see the process through. Readers should judge for themselves whether that is the case, but a very senior Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX:

Chukka told LBC that he would be happy to serve in the Shadow Cabinet under Jeremy, but when he said that he’d already been told his services are not needed. He’s not happy he’s been knocked back.

Readers will make their own judgment about the motives for Mr Umunna’s media comments and whether his rejection by Labour’s leadership team is a good thing.

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  1. Knocked back, eh?

    How sad. Not a reflection on his cowardice, or his diet-tory leanings…Or the fact he’s just without merit anyway.

    That’s why his ‘services’ aren’t required. I for one, am gutted for him, honest! :/

  2. If Umunna, Eagle et al’s. conversion is indeed of the Damascene variety, they’ll be as happy to serve from the back benches as from the front, no?

      1. Yup, I was simply making fun of them by taking them at their word =)

  3. I have zero against the likes of Andy Burham, who are playing a long game and understand how important it is not to upset Labour’s left leaning rank & file – fair dues on him. However, I have zero tolerance for Chuka, Cooper-Balls et al who have an inability to understand what the long game is, never mind participate in it. Indeed, these buggers lust after power and it is that lust I detest.

  4. very good he was most disparaging when I contacted him on my email oldlabour.

  5. They still don’t seem to understand. It’s a sign of the (bordering on sociopathic) self interest that blinds them to the concept of loyalty and earning ones trust. After being knocked back, Umunna chose to continue display dis-loyalty. Is he really half the politician he thinks he is? A little more introspection would be advised to all those who now seek to re-enter the mainstream of Labour life.

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