#GMB consider withdrawing support from #McNicol

Ian McNicol has long enjoyed the support of enough of the NEC to remain in his post, in spite of widespread dissatisfaction – in fact fury – among members at his performance. A key pillar of that has been support from the GMB union, together with that of Unison. With those unions’ representatives behind him, he has enjoyed the backing of the narrowest of majorities on the Labour NEC.

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A senior source at the union has told the SKWAWKBOX, however, that the union’s executive is reconsidering its position in the light of recent developments and the historic achievement of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership last week.

Without the GMB’s support, McNicol’s position begins to look extremely vulnerable – even if Unison remains firm – and with the vast majority of the membership against him because of his perceived failure to co-operate with the party’s leadership and, most recently, Labour HQ’s lack of support for most marginal seats, any softening of GMB support will mean it’s a matter of when, rather than if, a move will be made to remove him.

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  1. He needs to go,as do those mps who do not support the democratically elected leader and the wishes of the members.If they had supported Corbyn instead of planning to undermine him,actively working against him,and planning coups we could now have had a Labour government.

  2. That seems like a good idea – we don’t want any repeat of the Labour purges helmed by him during Corbyn’s leadership campaigns, which saw people expelled from the party merely for re-tweeting something by Caroline Lucas!

  3. Not to mention the appalling way that he has treated members, and the whole complaints/compliance unit fiasco. So many members still suffering. The whole complaints system is not fit for purpose and was used and manipulated by McNicol to suit his own agenda. He brings the party into disrespute by using distorted interpretations of the rule book than bend and twist any semblance of the spirit of the rules – and months and months and months without bothering to deal with issues. Totally lacking in due process and natural justice.

  4. as a member of unison i wish to be consulted upon who my union supports and why. i personally do not supporet snakes. mr mcnichols has not done anything to warrant my support. omn the contrary he does not dewserve the backing he ha benefitted from so long. you do not undermine a democratically twice elected leader! Do the decent thing and resign!

  5. The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn has delivered a historic result.

    We are one step away from a majority. But we did not win a majority, largely as a result of the sabotage of the plotters in the PLP who have spent the last two years undermining the party.

    It is the convention of the Labour Party that the General Secretary stands down when Labour loses a General Election. Iain McNicol has now been General Secretary for two losses.

    For that reason alone his position is now untenable.

    He can choose to step down voluntarily and honourably by following convention, or he can be toppled from his position by the full disclosure of the self incriminating evidence of his treachery against the Labour Party.

    The choice is entirely his.

  6. As a member of UNITE & BANNED from the Party by McNicol & his Stasi henchmen at the Compliance Unit, if Labour is serious about its growing membership & efforts to reform & democratise the Party structures, McNicol must be removed from his Post before the Annual Party Conference, Mandelson needs to be expelled from the Party for serious breaches of the Party Rule Book & the Compliance Unit closed with all BANNED members offered an amnesty and reinstated into the Party fold. McNicol should also be expelled from the Party for his duplicity in enabling the Tories to remain in Government – he’s a traitor period!

  7. We need to keep our focus on May and the Queen’s speech and not be drawn into more internal wars. If McNicol loses his best support he may do the decent thing and resign. Either way, as a Labour party member I don’t want to put my energy into this. Thanks, however, for pointing it out.

    1. Not so, we very much need to ensure that Corbyn’s position in the LP is unassailable – just remember, Luke Akehurst & his bloody Labour First rabble are preparing to fuck the left over at September’s Party Conference – that from his Twitter feed! Further, Cooper-Balls had to stand down her Leadership Campaign team on Friday morning after the actual results were in – as they, that is the Rightist’s, cannot abide a Left-winger heading Britain’s Opposition Party hubris I’m afraid is our enemy and these buggers will not stop trying to box JC in and pervert his democratic agenda.

      1. Completely agree Chris and altho I’d like us all to get on and destroy the Tories I think that the unfinished business with the right within the LP needs to be addressed . Otherwise I fear that slowly but surely they will continue to erode JC and our Manifesto . As for Ummer and Eagle kindly considering their services for the front bench well ……… really !

    2. It would be a good start by McN if he issued a timley reminder toPLP MPs about their behaviour as per party rules . Like do yah dirty washing in private not blabbing to the MSM

  8. There are many more HQ functionaries – and even a certain portly MP –
    implicated in the systematic purge of Jeremy’s supporters than just McNicol himself. What’s needed is a thorough investigation into the conduct of McNicol *and* his co-conspirators.

    Quietly throwing McNicol under the bus might only be a damage limitation exercise.

  9. Get rid of him he neither supports the members or the union should be backing JC and the party

  10. Time this shite went. He can either do the right thing and resign or the Labour party throws him out on his ear, either way will be good not only for the Party, but also the membership.

  11. There’s an easy way to flush the entire lot of these duplicitous snakes out.

    Put a vote to all LP members to reintroduce Clause IV. The ‘bigwigs’ shrieks of protest’d grass the lot of them up. Then the members’d know exactly who’s who, and give every one of them ‘bell, book & candle’. .

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