Video: signs even their heartlands that the Tories will be sweating.. #GE17

The mainstream media are, of course, singing a predictable tune as we enter the last 24 hours of campaigning before polling stations open, with only the most grudging praise given to Jeremy Corbyn for his stellar campaign while most focus on Theresa May’s dire one, as if she’s collapsed all by herself and not because of the pressure she’s been put under by Labour’s strength, manifesto and surging polling.

Even those who acknowledge Corbyn’s and Labour’s surge are toeing the Establishment line – that it’s still only a matter of how big the Tories’ majority will be, not whether they’ll win.

But the SKWAWKBOX is hearing rumbles of a juggernaut approaching.

Readers reporting lifelong-Tory family members announcing they’re voting Labour

Reports of a Young Farmers (Farmers!!) Club in a Tory heartland debating and leaning to a Labour vote.

Reports of teachers, pensioners flocking to the Labour Party as they see the impact of the Tories on themselves and their children – and see a genuine alternative, a real hope for change.

Reports of Tory voters switching – even in heartlands – because they’re appalled at the slow death of the NHS.

Corbyn has continued to be cheered by tens of thousands as he campaigns across the country, as Channel 4’s Michael Crick and even the BBC’s infamous Laura Kuenssberg couldn’t help but observe:

lk bhamcrick jc churchill

And of course, that Dementia Tax and the string of Tory U-turns and car-crash interviews that have shown the Tories up for the lazy, arrogant shambles they are.

But don’t just take our word for it.

The West Yorkshire constituency of Keighley was won by Tory Kris Hopkins in 2010 by a majority of just under three thousand. It was held by him in 2015 by a majority of just over three thousand – since they decided to abandon Labour in 2010, the people of Keighley have shown no sign of turning back.

Until now.

At an election hustings on Monday night, Mr Hopkins was:

  • laughed at as he talked of the Tories’ ‘strong economy’
  • mocked as he criticised Labour’s manifesto figures when the Tory manifesto has none
  • jeered as he talked of Labour’s nationalisation plans and Brexit negotiations.

But the most striking thing of all is when he tried the Tory set-piece:

Do you want Jeremy Corbyn to be leading…

He doesn’t even get to finish his question – because the whole room erupts in cheers and cries of “Yes! and Hopkins is jeered all the way back to his seat.

And best of all, someone caught it all on video:

One suspects that Mr Hopkins has not slept well the last couple of nights. And one suspects that he’s not the only Tory whose perspiring head has been tossing on his or her pillow.

The support is there. Turnout is essential. Tomorrow’s the day – make sure you, your family and your neighbours all vote. And if you possibly can, get out to a marginal constituency to help get the vote out there. You can find out where and how here.

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  1. Your article cheered me up Thanks a lot. As I started getting nervous from all News still not necessarily all positive for Jeremy. Especially youGov. They became so unreliable. But your information, through my experience with people in public make me certain that Jeremy will win with landslide that I predicted as I predicted the early general election this year. I hope my prediction will be materialised.

  2. At a time when this Nasty Cruel and Heartless Government is in the process of making my Son Homeless and penniless (he is only 27), It is a real pick me up to watch this video and read your reassuring article.

    I play with an orchestra which for the most part is frequented by upper middle class people who are not affected by the Tory Policies or Cuts in a negative way and are blissfully unaware or choose to be ignorant of the damage being done to the less fortunate.

    The vast majority of them think that Labour has not a cats chance in hell of winning, probably because of the main stream media still playing down Labours rising.

    I can only cling on to hope that JC and Labour will win tomorrow.

    Life is becoming intolerable.

    I love playing the cello and playing in the orchestra, its my only social outlet, but I find it increasingly difficult not to voice my anger, frustration and resentment at those around me who appear not to give a dam about the poor, disabled and unemployed who are really suffering.

    I am beginning to feel like a square peg in a round hole, and music is supposed to bring us all together. Nowadays I feel like I have to don a psychological mask in order to hide my difference and feelings of contempt for those who I used to consider to be at one with.

    This is what divisive politics does, it divides, sets one group against the other. Even I am not immune to its poisonous effects.

    I just don’t know what to do with my feelings of resentment and often feel ashamed as I end up directing it at the wrong people, ie those who are just ignorant and not necessarily culpable.

    I just hope my intuition serves me well and that Labour will be in Power tomorrow with JC at the helm.

    My son could then seek the help and support he needs to build himself a life worth having without the fear of destitution, or having to endure the cruel and demoralising regime of the DWP.

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