This ‘Exocet’ hits the #NHS unless we remove the Tories tomorrow #GE17

A leaked report reveals that a Tory-branded, high-explosive missile is aimed at our NHS and set to be fired – unless the Tories are voted out tomorrow. It’s a missile that reveals the Big Lie the Tories have spouted about protecting the NHS and its funding.

may nhs fire.png

The full article is behind a paywall at the Health Service Journal, but health commentator Roy Lilley has helpfully laid out some of the appalling damage that will be done by what he calls ‘an Exocet missile‘ if the Tories are not put out of reach of the anti-NHS ‘red button’.

If we allow them to, the Tories will:

  • dump the NHS Constitution, eroding our rights to health-care and the government’s accountability for it to almost nothing
  • extend waiting times beyond the horror show we’re already seeing in our NHS
  • close operating theatres and wards that are already overloaded
  • cut staff numbers
  • cut year-round services to focus on the ‘winter response’
  • dumping NICE drug recommendations for adopting new treatments
  • stop funding many treatments
  • close or downgrade A&E and maternity services
  • ban many items from prescription lists
  • flog off NHS land and property in a Naylor-report ‘fire sale’

This missile is not fiction. It is not exaggeration. It is a plan, revealed in a leaked, official report.

And if the Tories aren’t removed tomorrow the countdown to its launch begins.

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  1. Baby boomers that have voted labour all their lives but are still planning to vote toerag this time around, because: ‘Corbyn doesn’t sing the national dirge…etc’


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