Video: #Paxman gives PERSONAL verdict on May’s #BattleForNumber10 #GE17

Jeremy Paxman is a veteran professional who has been giving politicians a grilling (or roasting, if you’re Michael Howard) since 1993. He knows how to ask hard questions without compromising the perception of his impartiality as interviewer.

So tonight we saw something remarkable: Paxman being so underwhelmed by an interviewee that he let slip his own opinion – and boy was it brutal.

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The Establishment media was already desperately spinning the event minutes after it finished to try to cover up May’s car-crash, but the truth will out – and ‘Paxo’ was the one to do the stuffing.

Paxman was interviewing Theresa May and, after giving May a thorough roughing up about her supposed suitability for Brexit negotiations that he said this:

Paxman is a pro. If he wanted to keep his own opinion out of the discussion, he could easily have said ‘Surely an EU negotiator would think’ or some similar permutation.

But he didn’t. He said – to huge audience cheers and laughter:

If I were sitting in Brussels and I was looking at you as the person I had to negotiate with, I’d think “she’s a blowhard who collapses at the first sign of gunfire!”

Twitter users nailed it:


As did audience members. You can clearly hear them cheering Paxman loudly at the end of the above clip, but one member of the audience gave a very succinct opinion on May’s waffle and outright lies:

However, Jeremy Paxman’s expressed verdict was the most remarkable reaction. Clearly the veteran broadcaster learned another skill during his 23 years at the top of the heap as a political interviewer.: recognising a bullsh*tter when he sees one.

As will anyone who watches this clip, let alone the whole interview, no matter how desperately the Establishment and the Tories spin.

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  1. Reblogged this on Sid's Blog and commented:
    T May ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’

    ❌Platitudinous bullshit❌
    ❌Platitudinous bullshit❌
    ❌Platitudinous bullshit❌

  2. I felt again people were cheated by Media. Paxman was a very respectable broadcaster and famous with sharp tongue for political view. He was a left. He had to leave News Night because his view of left and arrogance. Last night for me he appeared having tried to kill off Jeremy but help May. Especially he guided the conversation with May by bringing a word of “difficult woman” and lead to enable her to end saying “difficult woman means strong woman”. It is rubbish. Whole of the interview last night she showed her weak character by mumble bumble all the way. As usual just one word without any meaning or backing up she ended up a word with a strong woman with a help of Paxman. It is so sad why many respectable broadcasters lost their integrity and pride. “WHY” Does money speak?

  3. “Whole of the interview last night she showed her weak character by mumble bumble all the way. As usual just one word without any meaning or backing up she ended up a word with a strong woman with a help of Paxman”

    Yep, I felt slightly deflated afterwards for this exact reason. She’d had only smatterings of applause, but more telling silences during audience questions. She even refused to label herself: “The bloody difficult woman” after being asked about it by an audience member; preferring to say something like: “That particular description”.

    (Having suppressed many scowls towards ‘Paxo’ – her eyes prior to that had been grassing her up badly) You could see her becoming visibly heartened when she received the ‘whoo-hoo’s’ when she said: “No deal…” and then repeated it time & again, knowing it would get more applause – and I dunno if it was coincidental that it was right at the end of the show; having suffered a ‘mare.

    All in all, though, if anything, it showed her to be badly coached. A one-trick pony (AKA an automaton) rather than any sort of stateswoman.

    Reminded me of Lois Griffin in ‘Family guy’ when running for Mayor of Quahog….”Niiiiine….Elev-en”

  4. Sorry but that wasn’t how I experienced Paxman (asked twice to stand as tory candidate) he constantly barracked Corbyn with pointless questioning. His style with May you could say being charitable giving her enough time to expose her weakness but it wasn’t it was just the usual soft sop interview that threw in a couple of things to make it look a little even handed. She was just incredibly bad and stuck to the repetitive script given to her.

  5. BLUNDER WOMAN was helped by PAXMAN!
    He was a TORY VOTER in the hit show “Till Death Do Us Part”!
    Last night was a total miss by that WOMAN.

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